Brandon Rhyder makes musical comeback

by / 0 Comments / 174 View / October 18, 2019

By Cassidy Pate, News Editor


For upwards of six years, uncertain health issues deprived Austin based country music singer and songwriter Brandon Rhyder of his calling. Now, seven years later, Rhyder has been diagnosed, treated and is committed to making a lasting impression on the country music industry that is sure to excite his fans from Central Texas and beyond.

Along this musical journey, Rhyder will be performing at Schoepf’s BBQ in Belton on Monday, Oct. 21. Those in attendance can expect to see Rhyder and his guitar for an acoustic performance including his hits and new material.

As a result of being diagnosed with various common and uncommon food allergies, as well as sinus issues and losing his father-in-law after a lengthy battle with cancer, Rhyder’s newest single, “I Felt Good Today” was ignited.

“A few weeks after his loss and into my new health regimen, I woke up one morning, and I felt good again. It was such a moment that I said it out loud,” Rhyder said.

That same day, as Rhyder was driving home from Galveston, he wrote the entire song in his head. Without ever writing it down, he said he sang the song for his family, and they all cried together.

“It was a dark time for sure,” Rhyder said. “Beginning to feel good again and overcoming his loss were crucial to moving forward.”

It is safe to say the fire has been lit and will continue to spread for his musical career, as Rhyder is passionate about his songwriting and singing. Looking forward, Rhyder hopes to tour more and in more states while also writing universal songs in true Brandon Rhyder fashion.

“I want to share the passion I have and the songs I write with the world. I am so blessed to have done this for the last 18 years,” Rhyder said. “Again, many times through my struggles I questioned if I could or would continue this journey. Now we can.”

And so, he will.

“I feel good again, and I have energy and stamina again,” Rhyder said. “It’s time to make the music again. It’s time to go back to work. It’s time to love life again.”

His live acoustic album entitled “Main Street Crossing” – recorded over two nights at Main Street Crossing in Tomball, Texas – is set to be released in November 2019 and will include “I Felt Good Today.”

Rhyder is represented by RPR Media, based out of Nashville, TN. Founder and Senior Publicist at RPR Media Brandy Reed has been and continues to be an advocate for Rhyder and his music.

“Brandon Rhyder has long been one of the most respected artists in Texas for the last two decades,” Reed said.

Regarding his musical comeback, Reed is confident in his writing and looks forward to witnessing his greatness being recognized.

“Every single person who hears this song [“I Felt Good Today”] is going to connect because we have all lost someone, and the hardest thing to do when that happens is to find the will to carry on,” Brandy Reed said. “So, this song is a laughing through your tears kind of thing.”