Building Trust

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Belton PD hosts Coffee with a Cop, reaches out
to citizens

By Devin Corbitt
The Belton Journal

Officers with the Belton Police Department convened early Tuesday morning at Arusha’s Coffee to host their first Coffee with a Cop event.
Dozens of people showed up to talk with their local law enforcement officers and voice their questions, concerns or comments.
“We were very pleased with the turnout today for our first Coffee with a Cop event,” Police Chief Gene Ellis said. “There were actually a couple of residents waiting on us when we arrived about 20 minutes early to ask questions and give us very good feedback on police related issues.”
Attendees were treated to fresh coffee courtesy of Arusha’s, as well as the undivided attention of the Belton PD.
“The event was so successful that we are already exploring dates to host another one and have even had suggestions for doing it on a Saturday morning to allow those who have to be at work early on weekdays to attend,” Ellis said.
For more information, keep an eye on the department’s Facebook page or visit