Burden, Stephen and Osborne featured at A Cup of Art

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By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

My Giving Tree Gift Shop & Art Gallery presented A Cup of Art on Nov. 18 at 10 a.m. This event gave Texas artist a chance to show off their art to the many individuals attending the show and also give donations to help Bells Fine Arts Artist Association building.
One of the artists that was presenting was Cindy Burden. Her beautiful sculptures were located at Arusha Coffee on the morning of the Art Gallery. Burden has been an artist since the 90s and she never expected for her art to take a life of its own. She is a self-taught artist that only viewed sculpting as a hobby. Burden bought clay from the local art store in her area and do activities with her children.
Burden was then persuaded by family and friends that she had a talent and to continue pursuing sculpting. She presented her sculpting at an art gallery only expecting to see a minimal profit. She earned much more than she anticipated and decided that sculpting was her calling.
“The Lord gave me this gift and that is my true inspiration for my art. He gave me this gift and I just do his work,” said Burden.
Her artwork shows that there is much beauty in to be shared in Belton.


Artist Monica Stephen, pictured with her artwork.

“I just love bringing my sculptors here and sharing them with others. It’s amazing how I just began this as a hobby and now it has a life of its own. I have the lord and amazing other people to thank for my inspirations,” said Burden.
Burden and the other artist apart of the art gallery were happy to share their art with the community. Monica Stephen is another artist that attended the gallery hoping to spread the word about her craft and essential oils. Stephen has been doing her work for ten years and teaches classes about oils.
Madison Osborne is another young artist hoping to get her artwork out to the community.
“I’m here to try to get the word out my craft and also to raise money for college,” said Osborne.
The Belton community supports its local artist and sees the value the artist present in their artwork. The Art Gallery gives individuals a chance to explore and seek different varieties of arts and activities. There are many chances to join the artist in other Belton art galleries. Next time there is an art gallery in Belton, do not hesitate to join the fun.