BYBA wins five district titles, TTAB States start on Monday

by / 0 Comments / 152 View / August 3, 2016

By Tony Adams
Sports Editor

Belton Youth Baseball Association competed in five district tournaments last week.
Within the framework of the 6U T-ball (Wildcats, Riverdawgs, Sea Dogs), 8U Coach Pitch (Tigers, Yankees, Red Wings), 10U Tight Base (Ducks and A’s), 12U Open Base (Cubs and Rattlers) and 14U tournaments (Yankees and Rockies), BYBA teams finished at least first and second or first and third in all five tournaments, sweeping the district championships.
Impressive to say the least, given the fact that all of them defeated fellow Belton teams to get into the top three. Many of the Belton teams that went to the district tournament earned at least one win.
All five of the teams will start their state championship aspirations on Monday at cities around Texas.
The Belton Wildcats and Belton Riverdawgs will travel to Chandler for the TTAB 6U T-ball State Tournament. The 13-team field includes the Cats and the Dawgs, Frankston Avengers, Chandler Horned Frogs, Rusk Rangers, Alto Braves, Van Bandits, Grand Saline Cubs, Rice Airhogs, Bosqueville Rangers, Buffalo Kennedy, Cameron Rockies and Rogers Marlins.
The Belton Tigers and Belton Yankees will head to Cameron for the TTAB 8U Coach Pitch State Tournament. The Tigers and Yankees join the 10-team field that includes the Cameron Yankees, Cameeron Dodgers, Kerens Bobcats, Mildred Heat, Hillsboro Creech, Bosqueville McNamara, Rogers Marlins and Temple Pirates.
The Belton Ducks will be the lone BYBA representative at the TTAB 10U Tight Base State Tournament at Northam Baseball Complex in Temple. The Ducks join a 13-team field comprised of the Temple Aces, Early Miami Hurricanes, Cross Plains Buffalos, Buffalo Brooks, Rusk Astros, Chandler Warriors, Chandler Seminoles, Mildred Maniacs, Riesel Dieterich, Bertram Rangers, Burnet Pirates and Troy Wolfpack.
The Belton Cubs head to Buffalo for the TTAB 12U Open Base State Tournament. The Cubs are in a 11-team field with Teague Young, Mildred Elite, Brownwood D’Backs, Early LSU, Rusk Astros, Chandler Red Sox, Chandler Longhorns, Bosqueville Heat, Rogers Hit Squad and Temple Rangers.
The Belton Yankees travel to the always-adventurous Hillsboro for the TTAB 14U State Tournament. The field includes the Yankees, Hillsboro, Troup Aces, Blooming Grove White, Van Aces, Axtell Mach, Normangee Panthers, Troy Longhorns, Lampasas Yellowjackets and the Brownwood Marlins.