Car Types and People Types

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By Mark Magnan
Do you ever see a type of car and automatically associate that with a type of person? I think we all do, it is not really a negative thing, it is just something we base on experience. I am a bit of a car person so I tend to notice cars, especially more noticeable vehicles. I too like to label the person driving the car based on my preconceived notions. Here are a few, now I actually fall into more than one of these categories, and I don’t feel that I necessarily fit my thoughts based on the vehicle I am driving at the moment.
I will get the easy one out of the way first (and this is a category that I don’t fall into). Smart cars, hybrids or electric cars. These drivers are probably tree huggers and vegetarians. If they do eat meat it is probably all organic. They would stop and help a turtle cross the road (actually I do this too). The good thing is that they are saving fuel for some of the following categories.
The most common car is just the regular everyday car, nothing special, just a car. There is not really a type of person that drives these specifically. It is a common mode of transportation and something we all take part in.
What about big luxury cars, although “big” is not really that large anymore. The largest luxury cars would have been a midsize just a few years ago. These drivers are usually older folks. They are either driving really fast or really slow. The common trait in Florida is that there is always one blinker flashing, although I don’t see that here. If there is a younger person driving one of these cars, it is a person that just likes the finer things in life.
I’ll throw motorcycles in here as well. I am talking about the loud and large bikes. In the past these bikers were thought to be criminals and were not the type you wanted to cross. These days it is different, you have to have a well paying job to afford these motorcycles. So now it is mostly decent people that are just wanting to appear rough and tough, most if not all have tattoos just because that is something you have to get if you ride one of these bikes.
Sports cars, there are a couple of categories here, but mostly based on the color. A person driving a sports car just likes to go fast and likes to make a statement. I think that red and yellow cars are probably the ones that like to drive fast. Of course there are a group of drivers that are more mature that have opted out of the luxury car class and finally bought a high end sports car. These are the ones that are not going to take the bait and race you at a stoplight.
Now the most confusing group of vehicles is the pickup truck, especially in Texas, That has to be the most common automobile in the state. If a family has more than one vehicle, then one will be a pickup truck. The standard everyday pickup with an extended cab or four doors in just a regular family vehicle and could belong to anyone. A regular single cab truck is either a work truck or belongs to a young person with no responsibility. Here is where the types of drivers become more obvious. The pickup truck that has wider tires and a loud exhaust belong to folks that either have or want a fast sports car. Then you have diesel or large dually trucks. Most of these folks belong on a farm and the truck is one of their major tools, right along with their tractors. If you see a woman driving this type of pickup, it would be a good bet she has a horse and knows her way around a ranch. The next ones are the tall trucks with giant mud tires. These guys like to be out in the woods and off road. Their trucks are often muddy as a badge showing the true use. They are often loud and the tires cost as much as some small cars. These are the folks you want to see if you ever slide off into a ditch. They live to help people like that, getting muddy putting on a chain and jerking your little sissy automobile back onto safe smooth pavement. And they don’t want anything other than for you to shake their dirty hand and thank them.
The next time you drive down the road and see one of these vehicles take a look at the driver and see if they meet one of the categories. If you slide off of an icy road just wait for the big burly truck with huge tires to roll up, and you can relax because your troubles are over. Happy motoring.