Career Day for students at Chisholm Trail Elementary

by / 0 Comments / 219 View / April 15, 2016

By Elizabeth Varville, Correspondent

On March 24, Chisholm Trail Elementary School held their annual Career Day for students in Kindergarten through third grade. This marks the fourth year the school has invited neighboring businesses and organizations to speak to the students about various fields of employment.

“This is an opportunity to expose young students to the different job opportunities available for their careers so we can start planting the seeds for them to begin to show interest in certain jobs that they will have in their lifetime,” said school Counselor Cindy Petter. “The volunteers that come in today show the students how to pursue those fields they are interested in and if they need a college degree, technical training, or on-job training. We do Career Day at the elementary level so the students are exposed early to the jobs that are available to them. This is a day the students really look forward to all year long and enjoy.”

Throughout the morning, split into six, 20-minute sessions, the students were excitedly engaging in presentations from the fields of dog training, fine arts, dental, farming, bakery, veterinary, musician, and fishing. Organizations such as HEB and Hope for the Hungry are also represented. Students were able to experience hands-on demonstrations and participate in interest-building techniques offered by the presenters. Each session was catered to the grade level of the students so they would receive the most benefit of the presentation.

“I think the most important reason for donating my time to present is this is our future,” said Veterinarian Dr. Harold Edwards of the Bell County Veterinary Hospital in Belton. “If we don’t teach these kids anymore then we are not going to have anything else left for our kids and grandkids. What is 200 hundred years from now going to look like? Somebody took their time to teach me so I am taking my time to teach the kids. Once the kids start listening to what I have to say, they really enjoy themselves.”

Belton Independent School District’s motto; Every Kid is a Winner, mission; to provide an education that challenges all students to excel, and vision; to be a leader in preparing every student to excel in tomorrow’s world illustrates how BISD views their responsibility as educators. BISD currently has nine elementary school campuses; each campus offering their own variation of Career Day. BISD’s goal of preparing students to live, learn, and lead in an ever-changing global economy starts with Career Day.

For more information on Career Day or how to be a presenter, please contact BISD 254-215-2000.