Casie Warnke headlines Artist 2 Artist Showcase

by / 0 Comments / 171 View / January 30, 2018

By Heather Regula, Correspondent


Artist 2 Artist Showcase presents “Infatuation” – a night of art, photography, wine, fashion, music, and food – on Feb. 3 at 7 p.m., at In The Mood Ballroom in Temple. Tickets will be available at the door for ten dollars each.
“Artist 2 Artist came out as a way to bring newer artists to the public eye and to bring the public to the talent that Central Texas has and possibly may have never known about otherwise. I created this format to bring all of these together for one night,” said JohnJohn Montelongo. “The Art Show is called Infatuation because as an artist, you need a strong passion and belief in yourself and your work. You have to become obsessed…”

Casie Warnke, the show’s featured artist, was born in San Antonio, moved to Bulverde at the age of 10, graduated from Smithson Valley High School, and currently resides in south Austin.

“My grandpa is Joe Pirtle – he was the superintendent for BISD for 20+ years and has an elementary school named after him,” said Warnke. “He’s THE MAN. My mother grew up in Belton with her sister and all their cousins, and Belton is my second home. For whatever reason, I used to draw portraits of family members when I was a young kid. My older brother used to draw when we were younger, and naturally, I used to copycat him all the time. It sparked a light in me that has never gone away.”

Warnke, who comes from a family of artistic and talented people, received an Associate Degree from San Antonio College in Radio, Television, and Film, and her Bachelor Degree in Art from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has been into soft pastels and charcoal since college and enjoys the control and confidence she gets from smearing mediums around with her fingers.


Warnke, pictured beside “Billy Bad Ass,” a portrait rendered in charcoal and pastels.

“I learned different trades and techniques at UTSA, but as far as style and skill go, I don’t know if that can be taught,” said Warnke. “I believe it comes from within, and practice. I’m trying to transition into being a full-time artist, but on the side, I have been substitute teaching for private schools around Austin for the past few years.I come from a long line of teachers in my family and hold a lot of respect for what they do. My art takes up most of my time and is mainly how I support myself these days.”

Warnke gets her artistic inspiration from life in general – her experiences and tastes. Her sincere appreciation for the tried and true “old school” ways transfers into her art.

“With my art, I like to show and represent subjects that I feel should always be kept alive. Some of my favorite artists are Ian Ingram, Chuck Close, Gabe Leonard, and Andy Warhol. I try to discover different art and artists as often as I can for random inspiration, and it also helps me want to be better always,” remarked Warnke.

At the Artist 2 Artist Showcase, Warnke will show several original pieces, and have prints available. Her work can be seen online at and she can be followed on Instagram @artbycasie. This year, her art will be on display at The Gent’s Place in Chicago, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Las Vegas.