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On My Honor: Welcome Back to School

Michael Brown With the recent 100-degree weather, you wouldn’t think that fall is just around the corner. But, as happens every year, milder temperatures will soon be upon us. And of course, the change in season signals the return to…

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Parent’s Corner: Do I Let her Go?

Sue Ellen Jackson Dear Sue Ellen, I am a single mom.  My daughter is 13 years old.  Her dad calls her, and when she gets off the phone she is furious with me.  Both she and her dad blame me…

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Bell County Museum

On My Honor: Visiting Museums

Michael Brown When was the last time you saw a 17th century shipwreck or sat behind the president’s desk in the Oval Office? If, like me, you’re not a big football fan, you might do both this fall. Consider taking…

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Pleasant Ramblings: Rambling Thoughts for the Week

Mark Magnan Why is the probability of getting behind a slow person or catching all the yellow traffic lights much higher when you are in a hurry? Why are woodpeckers heads red? Is that indicative of how their heads feel…

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Dear Josh: When did we grow up?

Hello reader! Do you want to ask ME, Josh “The Wandering, Argumentative Graphic Designer” Rivera, a question? Seriously, I’ll answer it straight up. Your life is in shambles? I got your back! You just want to know what my favorite…

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Parent’s Corner: Anger Issues

Sue Ellen Jackson Dear Sue Ellen, I read your column sometimes and I don’t think you know what you are talking about.  Last week you said child neglect is not feeding your kid right.  Maybe people can’t afford to buy…

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On My Honor: Watching the International Space Station

Michael Brown I’ve always been fascinated by space travel. In fact, the first story I remember writing involved a routine rocket launch from Earth with a successful return. That was a little before Alan Shepard became the first American to…

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Pleasant Ramblings: Run Through the Sprinkler

Mark Magnan Even though I have a sprinkler system in my yard, I still have to water parts of the yard with a hose and sprinkler. I enjoy watching the water, and it is cheaper to run than the sprinkler…

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Dear Josh: Ballad of the Multitasker

How do you balance and leverage your family, personal and professional life? When does one outclass the other? -Dustin, Lampasas That’s the conundrum that we face as adults now, isn’t it? Your family life is probably what’s most important to…

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Parent’s Corner: Bad Influence

Sue Ellen Jackson Dear Sue Ellen, My sister and her family are coming for their annual summer visit. Both she and her husband are great people, but lazy parents. They come every year and dump the responsibility of entertaining their…

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