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Ask Josh: The Fantasies of Our Lives

So, I deal with all these people posting about how they “deserve better” and that people should treat them a certain way because of who they are or where they’ve been, but I kind of take offense to that. So…

0 Comments / 51 View / July 8, 2015

Pleasant Ramblings: Cats, Antelopes and Chicago

Mark Magnan I know last week I promised the second part of my story from my trip, the Chicago leg. Well my trip to and from Chicago was fairly uneventful. I had not been to Chicago, although I have been…

0 Comments / 53 View / July 7, 2015

On My Honor: Give me an inch and I’ll take a kilometer

Michael Brown For several years, I drove a Jeep that was manufactured in Canada. The speedometer was in kilometers, not miles, per hour. It took a bit of effort, but after awhile, I was able to determine equivalents for km/h…

0 Comments / 49 View / July 7, 2015

Parent’s Corner: Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues

Dear Sue Ellen, I’m looking for some fun things to do with my kids this summer but all they want to do is stay inside and watch TV or play video games. They are 8, 10 & 12 years old….

0 Comments / 55 View / July 2, 2015

Out & About: Look At Me Please!

Patrick Lacombe Today’s lesson boys and girls, has to do with common courtesy and just plain common sense. Please listen closely and I will enlighten you on how to get along with others and even find out fun things about…

0 Comments / 38 View / July 2, 2015

Pleasant Ramblings: Forty Days and Nights

Mark Magnan Well this rainy season really lived up to our expectations. It was a terrible thing for the towns south of here and where they had the major flooding. However May is historically a wet month for this part…

0 Comments / 33 View / July 2, 2015

Ask Josh: The Grind of Our Lives

How do you successfully switch careers in adulthood without losing your mind? :p That’s been plaguing me for quite some time. I currently you have a full time job that I can’t see myself doing for the next 20 or…

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On My Honor: Belonging

Michael Brown My mother’s side of the family held their annual reunion last weekend. Usually, there are between 50 and 100 descendants of Joseph Marshall Huey in attendance. For 2015, the group was smaller, and so, a bit more intimate….

0 Comments / 47 View / July 2, 2015

Pleasant Ramblings: The More Things Change

Mark Magnan Some things seem to change and other things seem to always stay the same. Honestly, few things really do stay the same. Some years ago, there was a big controversy about evolution taught in schools. Of course, being…

0 Comments / 35 View / June 23, 2015

Parent’s Corner: She’s Leaving Me

Sue Ellen Jackson Dear Sue Ellen, My daughter is getting ready to leave home. She is going to college. I am happy for her, but I can’t stop crying. It is embarrassing. I put on my game face for her…

0 Comments / 45 View / June 23, 2015