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Hello Kitty

Dear Sue Ellen, My five-year-old daughter packed her Hello Kitty suitcase and told me she was going to run away because I wouldn’t buy her some ballerina slippers. She was really mad. I let her walk to the end of…

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On Climbing Phelps Mountain

Last week, after working in Albany for a few days, I was able to take some time and travel about central and upstate New York. When I mention New York, most people think about the city and not about the…

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Random Ramblings

By Mark MagnanHave you ever wondered what the big deal is about “organic” eggs? I mean if you think of where they come from, what small difference does it make what the silly chicken ate? And of all the birds…

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He’s off to college

Dear Sue Ellen, We are getting our son ready to leave for college and I am a wreck. I want to be supportive, but I am not ready for this. Do you have any words of encouragement? Wrecked Mom Dear…

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On Meteors

Early last Friday morning, I, as likely did some of you, rose and headed out to gaze at the sky. It was the peak night for viewing the Perseid meteor shower. My anticipation was high as I drove down to…

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Weekly Ramblings

By Mark Magnan What a great time to live. It used to be that you had to be part mechanic to steal a car, you needed to “hotwire” a car with a few tools. Now it seems that you have…

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People are people

By Ryan Kiblinger We have been traveling a bit this summer. This got me to thinking about all the traveling I have done in my life. Perhaps you have traveled too. Perhaps you have lived in different places, or at…

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Time Together

By Ryan Kiplinger It has been said the best way to spell love is T-I-M-E. In those moments of life when you look back and consider times that are meaningful in life, it isn’t generally the most expensive or amazing…

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Creepy Neighbor

Dear Sue Ellen, We just moved to a new neighborhood where we don’t know any of the people around us yet. It seems like a nice enough place to raise our daughter, but there is one guy down the street…

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On the Olympics

This week, like most folks, I’ve been watching the Olympics on TV and cheering on the best athletes in the world, especially those on the American team. Despite all the worry about Zika, crime, cheating, and polluted water, it seems…

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