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Pleasant Ramblings: Travel Tips

Mark Magnan Well not really travel tips as much as memories of travels when I was younger. My father liked to take and enjoy his vacations. We often drove to our destinations. I enjoyed riding and seeing the country. I…

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Dear Josh: You are not alone

I’ve been struggling with anxiety and dissociation for the past few months but I’m hesitant to see my primary doctor or even talk to anyone about it at all. I often feel like I’m not in my body or like…

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Parent’s Corner: Zombies in my Attic

Dear Sue Ellen, I have 2 sons.  They are 9 and 12.  They are obsessed with zombies!  They play zombie games, they watch zombie TV and now they want to dress up as zombies for Halloween.  We have a drop-down…

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The Misericord: Fall Is Coming

Ryan Kiblinger If you were like me at all, last Saturday when you awoke and went outside you found a certain crispness to the air.  It was a feeling not known for what seems like far too long.  Texas summers…

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On My Honor: On Assessments, Part I

Michael Brown This column is the first of two dealing with the controversial “too much testing” going on in our public schools. I thought it best to start off with the following background information. I crossed over to the “dark…

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Pleasant Ramblings: Junk Food

Mark Magnan Recently I was needing a snack, so I just popped into a convenience store and made my way down the aisle dedicated to snacks. Now this is just a row filled with temptation. I came across a package…

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Dear Josh: A Life of Rejection

What do I do to get over the girl that said she didn’t like me? -Anonymous Geez. What makes you think I’m an expert at rejection or anything? Are you implying that this topic is something I’m well versed at?…

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Parent’s Corner: Purple Hair Fray

Dear Sue Ellen, My 11 year old daughter goes with her dad every other weekend and she comes back mad at me every time.  My ex-husband lets her do anything she wants. Last weekend she came home with purple hair! …

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On My Honor: In Support of Women

Michael Brown University of Texas head Coach Charlie Strong’s list of core values provides a great foundation for his student-athletes. Number five on Coach Strong’s list is, “Treat women with respect.” Way-to-go Coach! The insufficient attention to, and commitment to…

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Pleasant Ramblings: Gender Specific

Mark Magnan The news about someone that is unsure about their gender is not really that foreign these days. It seems like a lot of celebrities and even some regular (and I use that term loosely) people are having some…

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