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Pleasant Ramblings: Junk Food

Mark Magnan Recently I was needing a snack, so I just popped into a convenience store and made my way down the aisle dedicated to snacks. Now this is just a row filled with temptation. I came across a package…

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Dear Josh: A Life of Rejection

What do I do to get over the girl that said she didn’t like me? -Anonymous Geez. What makes you think I’m an expert at rejection or anything? Are you implying that this topic is something I’m well versed at?…

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Parent’s Corner: Purple Hair Fray

Dear Sue Ellen, My 11 year old daughter goes with her dad every other weekend and she comes back mad at me every time.  My ex-husband lets her do anything she wants. Last weekend she came home with purple hair! …

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On My Honor: In Support of Women

Michael Brown University of Texas head Coach Charlie Strong’s list of core values provides a great foundation for his student-athletes. Number five on Coach Strong’s list is, “Treat women with respect.” Way-to-go Coach! The insufficient attention to, and commitment to…

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Pleasant Ramblings: Gender Specific

Mark Magnan The news about someone that is unsure about their gender is not really that foreign these days. It seems like a lot of celebrities and even some regular (and I use that term loosely) people are having some…

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Dear Josh: Rose Colored Flags

My friend is in an abusive marriage and won’t listen or leave. She married him after four months because he told her he would break up with her otherwise. He’s shown to be emotionally abusive and one night he destroyed…

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The Misericord: To What Do You Devote Yourself?

Ryan Kiblinger Acts 2.42-47 reads thusly: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.  Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the…

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On My Honor: In Memory of Richard C. Brown

Michael Brown My uncle, Richard Brown, 84, passed away quietly last week after an extended bout with melanoma. As is true for many of the “Greatest Generation,” Richard led an interesting life, punctuated by his beautiful wife, my Aunt Shelba,…

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Parent’s Corner: She Never Told Me

Dear Sue Ellen, I am a college student and one of my roommates is my best friend from home.  We have been close since kindergarten.  She’s like a sister to me.  Lately, she has been acting weird.  She has been…

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Pleasant Ramblings: A Cowboy’s Life

Mark Magnan Well football season is upon us again. Now I need to clarify that when I speak of football it is American football, played with an oblong ball and not really using the feet at all. I need to…

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