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On Recycling

By Michael Brown This week, the recycling truck visits my neighborhood, as it does every two weeks. Our 96-gallon container is only about one-half full, so I’ll wait and take it out the next time it’s a pickup day. I’m…

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Making your boat survivable for fish, pt. 1

Editor’s note: This is part one in a three-part-series about making your boat ready for the summer fishing season. Today I want to talk about what you can do to make your boat more survivable for the fish you catch…

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Revelation in Nature

The Misericord • Ryan Kiblinger, FUMC We are often in a hurry these days. We go from one place to the next in the most efficient way we can find (thank you Google Maps). We use things like express ways,…

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Other People’s Kids

Parent’s Corner • AWARE Central Texas Dear Sue Ellen, I am sick and tired of people taking their kids out in public and letting them run wild. It seems like more and more, when I am shopping or attending some…

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On Father’s Day

On My Honor • Michael Brown As most of you know, this Sunday is the special day we set aside each year to honor our fathers. Although there have been efforts to establish Father’s Day since 1910, Americans have only…

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School Xing

Pleasant Ramblings • Mark Magnan This week the title is a bit misleading. This isn’t about a sign about a crossing, but more about a couple of signs that need “X” ing. Actually for as long as I can remember…

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Parent’s Corner: Dirty Laundry

Dear Sue Ellen, I believe a person should keep their family’s dirty laundry to themselves. It can ruin the reputations of innocent family members, and nothing can be done to eliminate what has happened in the past. Everybody has an…

0 Comments / 75 View / November 16, 2015


Pleasant Ramblings: Spiders Revisited

Mark Magnan I was talking with a reader the other day, yes someone reads my column besides you, and they mentioned my recent spider column. Although I didn’t give spiders their own column, just split it with snakes. Perhaps spiders…

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Parent’s Corner: Going Upstream

Dear Sue Ellen, I was doing my laundry at the public laundry mat. It’s amazing the people you see and what goes on.  Two boys were playing. They weren’t running or loud. The boys just had a tough time being…

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The Misericord: Turn to Jesus

Ryan Kiblinger, FUMC The Greek word that we translate into repentance is a compound word that literally means to ‘change one’s mind’.  When John came baptizing in the Jordan River, he came preaching a baptism of repentance.  In other words…

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