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Ask Josh: Men of Our Lives

Hi gang! I decided to start an advice column. I’m like a snarkier Dear Abby for the millennial set. So, what’s first? The optimal amount of Pinterest boards? How badly did Marvel screw up letting go of Edgar Wright? Take…

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The Josh Sarah Evan Chronicle: In Rumination of the ’90s

Joshua Rivera So I was at a party recently and someone asked me how old I was. I tell him I’m 28, and he goes, “whoa! You lived in the 90’s then!” Well, yes. Yes I did. I’m now technically…

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Pleasant Ramblings: If These Walls Could Talk

Mark Magnan A few years ago, I came upon a house out all alone in the country, situated on a corner of a narrow paved road and a dirt road leading between a couple of large fields. Across the paved…

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Out & About: Where’s Belton?

Patrick LaCombe Yesterday I saw something online that puzzled me and I have to admit, it kinda got my goat. You folks over 50 know what I mean by “Got my goat” so no further explanation is necessary. I saw…

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On My Honor: Summer School

Mike Brown When the final school bell in May signals the start of summer, for most Texas teachers, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of school. The public perception that teachers take the entire ten weeks of summer off is…

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Pleasant Ramblings: What is really real?

Mark Magnan Just recently we had a celebrity, and I use the term in the most vague description, make an announcement about some very, well, personal developments in their life. We have already been subjected to quite a bit of…

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Out & About: Shopping

Patrick Lacombe Ladies, there is one important thing that you should know about your man. He does not like to go clothes shopping. In fact, most men would rather have their toenails extracted without any anesthesia. The only things a…

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On My Honor: On Admiral William McRaven

Mike Brown Each morning as I begin my day, I think of Admiral William McRaven, U.S. Navy Retired. I thank both him and my dear mother for teaching me how important it is to make my bed. In January, McRaven…

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The Evan Sarah Chronicle: In Rebuttal of Colorblindness

Joshua Rivera Please, start seeing the color. Please see gender, sexual orientation, and the difference in our pay checks which separates us into classes as well, but, I beg of you, please see the color. Lately, in light of Freddie…

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Pleasant Ramblings: Obligatory Food Column

Mark Magnan Recently I had the chance to try something different, and perhaps new in Belton. Now if you told me that there were 157 Mexican restaurants in Belton, I would probably just accept that as fact. However if you…

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