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People are people

By Ryan Kiblinger We have been traveling a bit this summer. This got me to thinking about all the traveling I have done in my life. Perhaps you have traveled too. Perhaps you have lived in different places, or at…

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Time Together

By Ryan Kiplinger It has been said the best way to spell love is T-I-M-E. In those moments of life when you look back and consider times that are meaningful in life, it isn’t generally the most expensive or amazing…

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Creepy Neighbor

Dear Sue Ellen, We just moved to a new neighborhood where we don’t know any of the people around us yet. It seems like a nice enough place to raise our daughter, but there is one guy down the street…

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On the Olympics

This week, like most folks, I’ve been watching the Olympics on TV and cheering on the best athletes in the world, especially those on the American team. Despite all the worry about Zika, crime, cheating, and polluted water, it seems…

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Dentist Revisited

by Mark Magnan I went to the dentist again. I know that is not real exciting news, however this is not the news page so exciting is not part of my week. I get to go a few times a…

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Dear Sue Ellen, My ex-husband tried to choke me to death and only got sent to prison for 18 months. He is getting out next month and I am terrified that he will come after me. How can I protect…

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A Light in the Dark

Psalm 119.105 states, “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” This verse was made even more popular when a contemporary Christian music song was written with these words in the chorus in the…

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On the skills we learn in school

It’s almost back-to-school time for my grandchildren and, to beat the crowds, we’ve been shopping for supplies, clothes, and that special lunchbox. I look for small joys wherever they can be found. To me, none are better than helping our…

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Entertainment News?

I don’t watch a lot of broadcast news, nor listen to news radio. I prefer to sort through and read the news stories that interest me. If I watch the regular nightly news there may be one or two stories…

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Old Angry Bird

Dear Sue Ellen, My kids drive me crazy. They don’t mind me, they are messy, disrespectful and don’t work. (They are 18 and 20 years old). They tease and call me an angry old bird and maybe it’s true, but…

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