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Pleasant Ramblings: Foreign Foods

Mark Magnan Have you ever wondered what things are different in other countries and different cultures? Today we live in a much smaller world than just a few years ago. We can see other cultures and diverse locations around the…

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Out & About: The Bad Trip

Patrick Lacombe Last week marked my Wife’s Grandmothers 95th birthday, so we packed up the truck and made the 7 hour trip to Marksville, La. to see her. I also wanted to retrieve a utility trailer that I had left…

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Looking Up: Your cheering section

Joe Baisden The message of Hebrews in the New Testament is one of encouragement to Christians to persevere in tough times. Do you have any idea of how many folks are looking in on your life and pulling for you…

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Belton Journal Podcast – Episode 01

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the tentatively titled Belton Journal Podcast. Featuring Annie Dockery, Devin Corbitt, Nikki Velarde, and Josh Rivera, this bi-monthly audio feature covers topics relevant to the Bell County area, as well as whatever topic is…

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Pleasant Ramblings: A Brand New Car!

Marc Magnan Well maybe not a brand new car, but a much improved car, or in this case, a truck. Since the truck is the primary vehicle for most Texans, they have become just as nice and comfortable as most…

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Out & About: The Looney Bin

Patrick Lacombe I have a problem, and they say the first step in solving a problem is recognizing that it exists. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this affliction, so I hope others will read this and maybe…

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Looking Up: Do you know who you are?

Joe Baisden In John 13, John describes the scene as the earthly life of Jesus was fast coming to an end. He writes: “Jesus knew that the time had come for Him to leave this world and go to the…

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Pleasant Ramblings: Endless Summer, not the Movie

Pleasant Ramblings: Endless Summer, not the Movie

Mark Magnan As I write this week’s column we are still in the grips of our winter storms. It seems likes this winter has just not let up. We have had cold and wet weather for quite a while without…

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Out & About: Cabin Fever Humor

Out & About: Cabin Fever Humor

Patrick Lacombe This cold weather has a lot of us down in the dumps, so I decided to forgo the usual serious subject matter in my weekly column and try to lighten your mood by telling a few jokes. Hope…

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Looking Up: Try devoting yourself to a different motivation

Looking Up: Try devoting yourself to a different motivation

  Joe Baisden Fifty-four years ago in January of 1961, John F. Kennedy jarred our nation with a call for a different motivation. In his inaugural address he issued this challenge: “Ask not what your country can do for you,…

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