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On Rainwater Harvesting

By Michael Brown The hot “dog days of summer” are upon us, and both we and our plants are feeling the effects. So far, there’s only been a few 100-plus-degree days. Compared to the past few years. I guess we’re…

0 Comments / 88 View / August 1, 2016

Real Reality Shows

By Mark Magnan I grew up in a time when there were no reality shows. Well, I guess we did have a reality show, Gilligan’s Island. There was another show that was about a family that thought they were normal,…

0 Comments / 36 View / August 1, 2016

Granny Died

Dear Sue Ellen, My Granny passed away, we took our five-year-old daughter, Mia, to the funeral and now she is having nightmares about Granny. Last week, Mia asked her grandmother (my mom) if she was going to die. Needless to…

0 Comments / 55 View / July 28, 2016

Ask, Seek, Knock

There is a great deal going on in our world that seems to be new. But in reality, we are dealing with many of the same issues that we have always dealt with as humans. The forms or manifestations of…

0 Comments / 58 View / July 28, 2016

On RV Camping

I bought my first, and so far, only travel trailer back in 2007: a pop-up camper. I thought about the purchase for several years before making the decision to buy it, because I wanted to be sure I had the…

0 Comments / 82 View / July 28, 2016

Car Types and People Types

By Mark Magnan Do you ever see a type of car and automatically associate that with a type of person? I think we all do, it is not really a negative thing, it is just something we base on experience….

0 Comments / 81 View / July 27, 2016

Parent’s Corner: Little Guy

Dear Sue Ellen, My son is shorter than all the other children in his age group. He will be in kindergarten this fall and I worry that other children will pick on him because he is so short. Do you…

0 Comments / 55 View / July 22, 2016

On My Honor: On Apollo Astronauts

In two weeks, we celebrate the 47th anniversary of Apollo 11, the first successful mission to put men on the moon. I believe that accomplishment, along with the other Apollo missions, stands as one of our country’s greatest moments. Those…

0 Comments / 84 View / July 21, 2016

Pleasant Ramblings: Under Warranty

By Mark Magnan Have you ever wondered how and why there are time limits set for repairing something that is made that you buy? Obviously there are certain things that are not going to last long, so there should be…

0 Comments / 57 View / July 18, 2016

Where did I go wrong?

Dear Sue Ellen, My name is Maria and I have a question. I met the most wonderful guy last year. For me it was love at first sight. He was so kind and sweet to me. I had never been…

0 Comments / 49 View / July 11, 2016