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Halloween story submissions: The Red Cloak

By Ella Pusey     Being a fair haired, blue eyed boy in Hamburg, Germany of 1945 is not the best scenario. My mother country had just finished, unsuccessfully, attempting to take over the whole continent of Europe. I was…

0 Comments / 62 View / November 20, 2018

Halloween story submissions: Gone

By Jayci Dawkins     ‘Twas a cold night in Newport, Rhode Island. My husband, Brendon, unloads luggage from our cab. As I watch his dark brown hair blow in the wind, he suddenly sets down his suitcase, turns around,…

0 Comments / 154 View / November 20, 2018

Halloween story submissions: The killer clown

By Serenity Hernandez     Once upon a time, there was a girl named Olivia. She had everything she wanted from a paper clip to a sports car and a house. Her parents weren’t even rich and after about a…

0 Comments / 64 View / November 20, 2018