CenTex Chiropractic Center debuts in Belton

by / 0 Comments / 200 View / April 12, 2018

by Guillermo Lopez, Correspondent


Quinn Arnaud, along with his wife Ashley Arnaud, have decided to open a new practice here in Belton: the CenTex Chiropractic Center. The center, which has been open for about six weeks now, was officially opened with both a ribbon cutting ceremony and small reception on March 23. The Belton Chamber of Commerce came by to officiate the ribbon cutting and present Arnaud with a certificate to welcome him to the neighborhood. “It seems like a really good area,” said Arnaud as people began to file through his front doors.


“I like the feel of Belton,” said Arnaud.


After the official cutting of the ribbon, Dr. Arnaud had a catered reception and a tour of the facility waiting for everyone. The reception held a variety of items, from cake to pizza and even authentic Louisiana-style foods. Attendees consisted of Chamber members, who also represented their own businesses and future clientele.


Dr. Quinn Arnaud pictured next to a chart describing various phases of neck degeneration.

“We definitely have to show out support,” said Megan Harding, who arrived at the event representing Amy’s Attic, along with her coworker Cathy Vollan.


Arnaud and his wife came from Louisiana to Texas in hopes of finding more options for their prospective future. Ashley Arnaud decided to complete her residency training at the local Baylor Scott and White hospital, while Quinn decided to open his own business.


“It’s not like a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of treatment center,” explained Mrs. Arnaud when asked about her husband’s new business. “We really take the time to find the treatment that is right for you,” said Mrs. Arnaud.


Along with his wife helping with the office, Dr. Arnaud hired a small staff to help him run the office. Kara Thompson, who is a member of said staff, helps with everything from work at the front desk to helping patients with their treatments. “I just try to keep the flow going” Thompson explained as she helped set up decorations and food for the event. Having already completed an internship with a different chiropractic office, Thompson felt as if this job was exactly to her liking: “I just really enjoy working for a chiropractor; it just works for me.”


Dr. Arnaud and his staff are on Facebook and on 2853 N. Main Street here in Belton. Feel free to stop by for a consultation, or give them a call at 254-933-7888.