Central Texas State Fair closes out summer with music, food and childhood memories

by / 0 Comments / 127 View / September 12, 2018

By Emily Keating, Correspondent



Bringing this summer to a close, the Bell County Expo Center hosted the Central Texas State Fair from August 30 to September 2. There were many options of entertainment this year, including a different live performance each night, dozens of food trucks, a professional bull-riding touring pro, and a demolition derby, and carnival rides. All of these separate events brought in thousands of people looking for family-oriented entertainment as they celebrate the final days of summer.



A local resident, Kennedy White, says that she keeps coming back to the Central Texas State Fair, because of the unique food selection and classic carnival atmosphere that brings many people back to their childhood.



The live musical talents for this year’s State Fair included Josh Ward, Koe Wetzel, Casey Donahew, and Wade Bowen. Between the flashing lights and fog machines, each night these performers sang to thousands of attendees over the course of four days. A couple of Belton residents say they really enjoy attending the concerts for the chance to see up and coming artists and spend time with friends and family locally. The expo is a powerhouse home to hundreds of events that bring local residents together each year.



The presence of food trucks offered many unique culinary experiences. There were numerous appetizing classics offered like funnels cakes, candy apples. cotton candy, and lemonade; however, there were more modern and interesting takes on classics like deep-fried Oreos, chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, and gourmet, uniquely flavored lemonade options.



The most well-known aspect of the fair is the adrenaline pumping fair rides. Many well-known rides were available to locals, such as a Ferris wheel, a rocking pirate ship, and revolving swings known as Vertigo. The rides are a massive hit and compose countless memories for residents. Thousands of people continuously return for the exhilarating, safe entertainment each year. Despite the wait of the fair rides at times, locals acknowledge that these fair rides are worth the wait.



From the sweet treats to the demolition derby, this is a unique experience that only pops up annually. If you would like to be notified of the next Central Texas State Fair, you can visit the Central Texas State Fair page on Facebook. This Facebook page they will have upcoming events to keep an eye out for. If you would like to volunteer for next years fair, you can visit the “Get Involved” tab on the website, centraltexasstatefair.com.



Photos by Christopher Winston.