Central Texas State Fair

by / 0 Comments / 163 View / October 13, 2014

By Patrick Lacombe
The Belton Journal

The Central Texas State Fair attracted thousands over the holiday weekend. Pro Bull Riding, some of the hottest stars in country music, rides and food kept the fairgrounds full with laughter and cries of joy from kids and adults trying the numerous rides and exhibits.
Anthony and Jessica Pack of Belton were watching their daughter Madison ride the water bumper car ride.
“Madison is having a blast,” Anthony said. “All of us are loving it.”
One demonstration that drew a large crowd was the Lone Star Action Sports exhibit. Jaron Grob of Dallas excited the crowd on his roller blades as he hit the ramp and did back flips on his way down.
Landon Gideon also had the crowd spellbound riding his mountain bike up the ramp and turning in mid air to make a perfect descent back down the ramp.
Mark and Brianna Flint of Ohio got off the tilt a whirl ride and seemed to have a hard time walking for a few steps.
“Man that thing is crazy bad,” Mark said. “I’m dizzy and I feel like I’m going to lose my lunch.”
Brianna giggled and said, “You wimp, it didn’t do anything to me.”
Demarcus Williams and Marie Gonzales of Rogers took an easier ride. They decided on the carousel, holding hands for the entire ride.
“This is our first date, so we wanted to ride something romantic,” Marie said. “No, we’re not scared of the larger rides; in fact, Demarcus wants to go on the Ferris wheel, but we’ll save that for last.”
Inside the Expo Center, fair patrons were watching the professional bull riders trying to get the highest score.
The crowd erupted when the gates opened and bull and rider began to battle it out in the arena. Loud oohs were heard from the spectators when the bull would get the best of a rider and throw him to the hard dirt floor.
“I take my vacation this time every year,” Brian May, 38, a truck driver from College Station, said. “We come for the rides for the kids, but I like bull riding the best. The Bell County (Central Texas State) Fair is my favorite. We get a room for a couple of nights and go to the lake in the mornings, then head to the fair in the afternoon. It’s the ideal spot for a cowboy like myself.”