Chamber of Commerce announces leadership training for community

by / 0 Comments / 104 View / April 10, 2016

By Jonathan Allison, Correspondent

Since 1999, Belton Chamber of Commerce has been successfully integrating business owners and future leaders of Belton with their leadership program. The leadership program emphasizes community awareness, leadership training and giving back to the community. The course is held from Sep.–June, once per month all-day. The cost is $400, and lunch is included. Registration is located at 412 E. Central, but the course itself meets all-around town. The application deadline for this year is May 30.

The Belton Chamber of Commerce’s sole responsibility is to remain rooted within the community sprouting successful Americans throughout the Belton area. Mark Arrazola, President, CEO of Belton Chamber of Commerce said, “our mission is to serve as an advocate and resource in five areas: workforce development, economic development, leadership development, marketing/business development and network development.”

The class is offered to small business owners and future leaders of Belton, but for regular civilians it is still a good idea to attend because, “employers look for different leadership programs,” said Nicole Stairs, Programs Director. This program offers realistic training within team building, Education, social services and every day you will learn something new. The course is a great resume help but will have overall pay-off in the long run. In the 17 years the course has been successful every year, and has graduated approximately 2,142 individuals.

The Belton Chamber of commerce offers a plethora of programs and scholarships to help young professionals on their way. Apprentice Belton, Job Shadow days, Belton Young Professionals and New Teacher Appreciation are a few of the workforce development resources offered. The newest program being utilized is an agreement with the Temple Chamber to collaborate for future events that will help both communities.

“We hold a Fort Hood day in which we find out how we can be involved more in the Belton military community,” said Nicole. The Belton Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of programs to help private citizens and institutions, such as military spousal support and is helping with the Belton police memorial on May 21.

Residents and small business owners may help the cause by getting involved. Small business owners may become Ambassadors making them eligible for certain programs.

In order to take advantage of any of the numerous services offered, registration with the Belton Chamber of Commerce must be completed. In order to register, or for more information contact Nicole Stairs at or call 254-939-3551.