Chicken ordinance considered at MPR meeting, possible annexation of Oakmont Park

by / 0 Comments / 48 View / October 24, 2017

By David Tuma, Publisher

A position for Chief Training Officer for the Morgan’s Point Fire Department was created at the MPR council meeting Tuesday, Oct. 10. The department is one of the best in the area and is dealing with growth, as is the MPR council.
The Municipal Youth League adopted Oakmont Park and has been involved in four clean ups of the park. Residents in the area complain year round about the park, which is unmonitored by the Army Corps of Engineers. The park isn’t on city property, but MPR civil leaders have listened to multiple complaints for years. A fire this summer brought the dangers of this park into a new light. The city and Army Corps are working on possibly letting the city annex the property.
The Youth League is looking into having a Movies in the Park at Oakmont. This has been a huge success story in Belton and other communities. There are several things that need to be worked out, including cleanup and restroom facilities. The proposal will be studied further. The item was tabled after multiple complaints from residents. In grant applications, positive uses of the property to receive the grant are required.
Randy Hunka’s property received approval to combine four lots into one property for a single resident home on Winecup Drive. The council tabled an animal control ordinance dealing with chickens and discussed the four-day work week of employees. MPR employees work Monday-Thursday 10-hours a day. The program has been a success with employees. It also allows residents, who all work out of town, to talk to somebody in person after 5 p.m. On Fridays, they do have someone able to turn the water back on.
Tony Beach of BSP Engineers explained a work order change for the water treatment facility. MPR will improve the water quality they are receiving from the City of Temple which is lacking in quality at times. BSP engineers have been a vital part of the multiple major improvements made in the community by the previous council. The $7,137 change order was for a larger table to apply chorine and the moving of electrical equipment.
A grant was applied for rifle resistant body armor for the MPR Police Department. Camp Kachina subdivision will begin construction on the water front subdivision this month. The Parks Master Plan has been submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers. A request from the ACOE is asking for a development plan for the entire park. Ground water storage construction has been completed. The pump station required by the City of Temple should begin construction this month.