Photo by Nikki Velarde

Chisholm Trail Elementary celebrates diversity

by / 0 Comments / 106 View / May 18, 2015

By Nikki Velarde, The Belton Journal

Not only was Tuesday Cinco de Mayo, but it was also the night when students at Chisholm Trail Elementary invited friends, parents and siblings to Celebrate Chisholm Trail Cultures.

“As a diverse population, we wanted to celebrate all the diversity in Chisholm Trail and Belton,” said Chisholm Trail Elementary School Principal Calvin Itz. “We have a lot of military kids whose families have been overseas, and we can see a lot of those countries represented.”

A few of the countries represented at the event were Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany and Africa. Chisholm Trail has “a unique makeup of kids and a lot of resources and experiences to tap into, and we want to share that,” Itz said.

There was a great deal of activity going on throughout the hallways and classrooms. The school choir performed, students performed a traditional Mexican folk dance while in full costume, and presentations of the culture’s history were made in various classrooms.

“It was our goal to get as many kids involved,” said Principal Itz. “A lot of the things that are happening at this event tie into what the kids are doing in the classroom and what they’ve been learning about in Social Studies. It make it more authentic and meaningful.”

Students were able to show their friends, parents and siblings some of the projects they have been working on, learn more about the different cultures represented at the event, sample some food, as well as visit and create some crafts at the various arts and crafts stations available.

At the end of the evening, tables of Scholastic books provided by the school were set up in the gym and made available for every kids to take one home for free.

“Any kid who comes in will be able to go home with a new book,” explained Principal Itz. “The goal is to get literacy out in the community.”