Chisholm Trail Elementary hall blooms with kindness

by / 0 Comments / 145 View / February 18, 2016

By Lindsay Starr Platt

As you walk down the main hall at Chisholm Trail Elementary you will see a large paper tree spanning from the baseboards to almost the ceiling on the wall. Instead of green leaves the tree is adorned with paper hearts. Though it is close to St. Valentine Day, the paper hearts are actually part of a project, “The Great Kindness Challenge”.
Scores and scores of hearts were inscribed with messages telling about acts of kindness they will do or have experienced during the week challenge. Students in all grades, as the rudimentary penmanship clues, write you in the messages on just how young some of the students are. No matter the age, all children appreciate kindness and want to be kind to others. Some messages are very touching and heartwarming as they show the true meaning of being unconditionally kind to our fellow man.
“The Great Kindness Challenge is one school week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible,” quoted from The Great Kindness Challenge website.

“Students were able to participate in “The Great Kindness Challenge” by filling out a pink or red heart upon entering the school,” said Elizabeth McMurtry, principal, Chisholm Trail Elementary. “Pink hearts asked students to write their name and something kind they could do for another person in the future.”
“I will help someone who is sad,” commented Alex Finn, fifth grade student. “Later that week, I helped my brother feel better by sharing my popcorn and offering to help with his laundry.”
Finn also had a heart written about her as well. Finn helped a student that was absent the day before catch up on their work.
Mackenzie Culley, fourth grade student said, “I did the dishes, because I did it the day before and the day after. It helps my parents.”
More information on The Great Kindness Challenge can be found at