City applies for home replacement grant

by / 0 Comments / 56 View / March 20, 2017

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor

The City of Belton recently applied to Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Home grant program. The grant will allocate funding for four homes through the program if awarded. Applications will be regionally ranked and reviewed. TDHC has $14-million in home funding with $10-million to be allocated through competitive contracts and $4 million to be distributed to specific needs.

“The program is managed at the state level by Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and then it comes down to us at the city level in Belton,” said Aaron Harris, Grand and Special Projects Coordinator. “It is intended to provide safe and affordable housing for low income residents that currently own their home and the home is not in any condition to be rehabbed to an acceptable state. What we do here in the city is reconstruct a brand new house.”

There are certain requirements that applicants have to meet in order to be considered for the program.

“You have to own the home, you have to reside in the city of Belton, and you have to meet income requirements which are different for different levels of families, up to date on your taxes, and the home has to be in a condition to where it cannot be rehabbed,” said Harris.

The city already has plans in the works to reconstruct more homes this year.

“We’ve done 32 houses in the past and are doing three this year with the potential to do four,” said Harris.