City begins online permit application

by / 0 Comments / 68 View / August 20, 2015

By David Tuma, The Belton Journal

The City of Belton announced the launch of the MyPermitNow, an online inspection software, this week. The software will provide contractors and residents with a new, more efficient way to submit and review permit applications, plans and inspection results online.

However, contractors still have the option of applying with the paper route.

“There is a fee to use the service if you choose to do that. Some contractors don’t use computers, so we did not do away with the paper method of applying for permits,” said Paul Romer, Public Information Officer City of Belton.

The service streamlines the process for both the city and contractors. City staff studied other communities that use this program and found it had been very positive. The City of Belton staff has been trained to use the software.

City inspectors can now go to a job site and complete the inspection with an iPad. No more going back to the office and filling out a bunch of paper work.

“Some of the local contractors had expressed they are excited we are starting this program. From what we have heard from communities, this service have been positive,” said Romer.

There is a link to MyPermitNow on the City of Belton’s website. For questions about how to use MyPermitNow, call (254) 933-5812 or email