City continues improvements, discusses new renovations

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Published July 17, 2014

By David Tuma, Journal reporter

Historic Church
The Historic Preservation Commission approved a request to dismantle the stone walls at the church building built in 1874 on Wall Street. The roof will be supported and the stone stored on site. When completed it will enable the engineers to determine if the building can be saved or not.
There has been around $20,000 raised to restore the building. The foundation has to be repaired with the stone walls removed, if possible. Doing all this while supporting the roof is a tricky job. There is a safety concern with the building.
“There is an unknown if the building can be saved. The committee dedicated to saving the building will find out if it can be saved by getting to the foundation. There will be a new fence added to the surrounding property, and the stone will be stored on site,” said Public Information officer Paul Romer.

Shooting Range
Two portable buildings were moved to the soon to be build shooting range on city property East of IH-35. The shooting range with provide training facilities for law enforcement agencies across the county.

Lake-to-Lake Water Line
The first phase of the Lake-to-Lake water pipe line was completed with a cost of $550,000.
Water pressure in the Chisholm Trail Parkway area hit dangerously low last summer, so the city has taken long-term steps to prevent that from happening again.
Last Friday Public Works Director Mike Huber and City Manager Sam Listi turned on the water line. Water pressure in the area received an immediate boost.

Hike-and-Bike Trail
The final bridge span was installed over Nolan Creek for the walking trail extension. Once the incredible walking bridge is complete Belton will have one of the most breathtaking views in Bell County. The project is well ahead of schedule and should be completed in September.