City Council hears request to evaluate condition of historic Standpipe

by / 0 Comments / 38 View / March 28, 2017

By Annie Dockery, Correspondent

The Belton City Council welcomed 10 new city employees at Tuesday’s regular meeting. The council received a presentation to preserve the City of Belton’s 103-year-old Standpipe and to add a park.
Erin Smith, Director of Planning presented the council members with a plan to possibly renovate the Standpipe, located on Hughes Street, between W. Avenue I and W. Avenue J.

“We own this entire block and have been looking at replatting this lot. The eastern side of this lot is proposed to contain about four residential lots …… In this we are looking at some park land in the area that would contain our historic Belton concrete Standpipe,” Smith said.

The Standpipe is list on the National Register for Historic Places.

“City Manager, Sam Listi, and myself met with Steph McDougal on January 27 to review the condition of the Standpipe to talk about some efforts that we could look into for restoring it and also some park development,” Smith said.

It is a three step process to evaluate the Standpipe. First, identify the composition of the original cement coat that is coming off. Second, evaluate the condition of the skin coat to determine how the structure can be fixed. Third step would be a report of the lab test results and to identify what the next steps moving forward with the preservation would be if the project is approved.
The cost of the evaluation of the Standpipe will be $8800.

“We would really like to turn it into a nice feature for Belton, it is on the National Register, it is an important structure, it is a nice area that we can really revitalize with the park land by it,” Smith said. “We would like to just see what it would take to revitalize it.”

Director of Internal Services/City Engineer, Angellia Points made a presentation to the council members regarding Amendment No 2 in the contract with Kasberg, Patrick and Associates regarding the Sparta Road Project.

Amendment 2 would add a pedestrian signal to the Sparta side of the intersection of Loop 121 and Sparta Road.

The design services, provided by Kasberg, Patrick and Associates will cost $17,600.

The motion was passed.

Police Chief Ellis went before the council discussing a consideration to adopt an ordinance regulating the use of engine braking systems within the city limits of Belton. Ellis said that when engine braking systems were used by big trucks. They make a noise that can rattle nearby houses. Councilman Craig Pearson made a motion to approve and it was carried. The plan will be to put up signage.

Ten new City of Belton employees were introduced at the council meeting. Sam Listi, City Manager introduced Judy Garrett who has been with the city since January of this year as the CVB and Tourism Manager for the City of Belton.

The Belton Police Chief introduced four new employees: Tyler Norton, Natalia Avina, Joshua Solieau and Debbie Smith.

“We welcome all these new employees to the police department,” Ellis said.

Jean Fueslier, Sam Fite and Tammy Bliven, newcomers to the Belton Fire Department, were introduced to the council by Fire Chief Bruce Pritchard.

Ashley Yoder, new hire for the Belton Economic Development Corporation, Desean Gore of the Drainage department and Ashton Milton of the Water department were also introduced at the meeting.