City Council to consider annexation along I-35

by / 0 Comments / 166 View / September 7, 2016

By David Tuma

The City Council authorized the Belton City Staff to look into areas and provide information into the possibility of annexation in seven different areas in the City of Belton’s Extra Territorial Jurisdiction. This does not mean everything in those areas will annexed. Nor does it mean those seven areas won’t be annexed.
City staff will look at each of the seven areas to determine the feasibility of annexation. By increasing the size of the area covered by city services increases costs and revenue from taxation.
Potential growth is expected as the City of Belton expands sewer lines along IH-35. With this growth is the need for managing what types of businesses expand in these areas. When you spend $6-million as the city is doing, some form of control is needed.
The entire process is to facilitate long range planning for the benefit of the community. Areas 1,2,3 and four include over 1,500 aces along IH-35 to just south of Amity Road. These areas are on both the east and west side of IH-35 south of town. The largest area under consideration south of town is near Shanklin Road east of the Toll Bridge Road. The Shankin area includes 723 acres.
Area 5 includes 237 acres north of Sparta Road and west of the existing city limits, extending west to FM 436, and east along Sparta Road to the city limits.
Area 6 is 25 acres north/south alignment of Lake-to-Lake Road, both of Sendero Estates Subdivision, and south of FM93.
Area 7 is more of an adjustment. The area is 2.1 acres and is located on the south side of Avenue O, between Avenue O and Old Golf Course Road.
City staff will provided a detailed Growth Management Study for the council to evaluate. A review of existing and potential and uses will be identified. Street conditions, thoroughfare implications, city services, existing and planned utilities will be examined.
With any kind of plan that involves decisions that affects area residents or businesses public input is needed. There will be a public hearing September 13th. A presentation of service plans and annexation public hearing will be held October 25th and November 1st.
Council will vote on the proposed annexation ordinance December 13th.
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