City of Belton Finance Building completes renovations

by / 0 Comments / 100 View / March 19, 2016

By David Tuma, Publisher

Improvements have been completed at the City of Belton Finance Building.     Several changes were made to improve customer flow and enhance security. The countertops are much wider at the billing windows. There has been a partition wall for privacy added for the two counters. Glass separating the clerks from the public has been removed. This makes for a more open feel for both the customers and city employees.
“When we visited Hewitt to learn more about the automated meters we picked up a few ideas on how to improve customers service. Our utilities window was tiny. Like one of those old bank windows years and years ago. The biggest thing was getting rid of the glass and creating a partition. The customer is at eye level with the clerk. Security was improved for the Municipal Court records. Creating a Municipal Courts window greatly improves things,” said Paul Romer Public Information Officer.
Pull down metal doors or covers have been added for after hour’s security. A new twist is swivel computer monitors. If anyone has a question concerning a bill, the clerk can esily display it.  There has been additional storage added. The counters were raised along with raised chairs for the clerks. This move makes them at eye level, depending on the size of the customer.
The area behind the counters was greatly improved ,creating a better work place by increasing storage and traffic flow.
A Municipal Court window has also been added. This will also be used as a utility billing window during peak billing cycles. The days that the bills are due, the traffic increases significantly.
Cost of the remodel was $38,263. Fine Line Design & Build completed the project for the City of Belton. Raising the seating was a big deal for the clerks. It creates a friendly one-on-one atmosphere. The storage counters were also raised so the clerk has access to files and counter tops.
“The particians limits the amounts of distractions. The due date we have customers lined up at times. The drive-in window gives us four locations to be waited on.  We have received a lot of compliments. These improvements make our office more customer friendly,” said Brandon Bozon, Finance Director.
“These improvements make a difference,” said Jasmine Rios, Clerk.