City of Belton to unveil new website

by / 0 Comments / 72 View / September 21, 2013

By Grayson Edds

Managing Editor

With outstanding photography of Belton, expanded capabilities and, most importantly, ease of use, the City of Belton is excited to unveil its new website to the public on Tuesday.

The original website served the City well for six years, but ever-changing capabilities and demands created the need for a new look as well as an upgrade of service to the community.
Paul Romer, Public Information Officer, presented the website to the Council at Tuesday’s meeting. The home page features a changing collage background and brief slide show spotlighting the beautiful scenes that can be found in Belton. The homepage is also a great place to start if you’re looking for local news updates from the City.
If you’re a frequent user to the original website, don’t fret; not that much has changed. All of the departments can still be easily accessed in a new but familiar format. There have been enhancements made inside several of the department portals, however. The Library’s page now offers a full view of the services that can be found through our Lena Armstrong Public Library; The Police Department and Fire Department now have a Civil Service Hiring Portal that provides pertinent information regarding duties, pay scale, and hiring information for both departments including the capability to be alerted via text or email when a civil service exam has been scheduled; Utilities have been brought up-to-date by the offer to go eco-friendly with paperless billing.
There are also features such as the Request Tracker (that will soon be an app for your phone or device as well), a form center, a calendar of events, agendas and notification tools, and the ability to sign up for First Call – an emergency warning system.
Don’t crash the server on the first day; take turns checking it out next week.