City to replace sidewalks, water lines

by / 0 Comments / 95 View / October 24, 2014

By David Tuma
The Belton Journal

Belton’s City Council authorized Clark & Fuller Civil Engineering to complete a plan for replacing city sidewalks and a water main along South Main Street. The cost of the engineering and surveying services will not exceed $80,682.
Currently, the water main on Main Street on the south end of town is an aging iron pipe with several small pinhole leaks. The water main had a major break last winter and needs to be replaced.
The project will involve installing an 8-inch line from West Ave. C to West Ave. J and incorporating 2,950 linear feet of the 8-inch PVC water main. There will also be 1,250 linear feet of new 2-inch PVC water main.
The sidewalks were part of the Captial Improvements Plan Committee overall needs. The committee toured every part of the city and came up with a prioritized list. The sidewalks on the south end of Belton were toward the top of that list, and this seemed like an appropriate time to combine projects to save costs. This is one of many projects, which included the renovation of the outdated Police Station, the committee selected as a major need. The city knew the water line needed to be replaced and waited on the sidewalk project so they could tackle two problems at the same time.
“This (sidewalks) was something that was part of the CIP’s plan that we were waiting to complete,” Paul Romer, Public Information Officer for the city, said. “The money was there. We were just waiting to replace the water main and the sidewalks at the same time. If the water main in that area of town isn’t replaced, it could start damaging the street. This is an area that really needs the sidewalks. You can see the foot paths in the ground in that area where people walk.”
Clark & Fuller have 120 days to develop the plans for the sidewalks and water lines. The project will include 870 square yards of new concrete for flatwork and 1,105 square yards of new concrete drive approaches.
In other city projects, the construction on the addition to the Police Station should begin in December of this year. There will be a public hearing on 9th Ave. Bridge for Martin Luther King Blvd Oct. 13 at 6 p.m. in the council chambers. The meeting will be hosted by TxDot.