Code Red calls you when warnings arise

by / 0 Comments / 135 View / December 10, 2015

By Caleb Mynatt, The Belton Journal

Members of a community will all agree that safety is one of the most important things to them. Bell County does a great job to make its citizens feel safe and to keep them safe. The police forces in Bell County work hard to make citizens feel  and keep them safe at all times.

Outside of crimes, Bell County has meteorologists that attempt to keep the citizens as updated as they can with the weather, and warn them of any dangerous weather conditions that may come. Bell County already works hard to keep their citizens safe, but the Bell County Office of Emergency Management has another way to keep its citizens safe, that people may not know about.

“We have a program called Code Red, and it acts as a reverse phone call to 911,” said Michael Harmon, the Emergency Management Coordinator for Bell County. “Code Red works to warn citizens of anything that they may need to know about.” Though this program has been in place for a little over a year, many people may not know about the great things that it does, or how it works.

“The way Code Red works is there is a map, and there are bits of land that are split up into different squares. Using those squares, we can contact everyone registered in that area and tell them the news that they need to know. This may not even be emergencies, it may be something like temporary low water pressure. It will also warn you about tornados and other threats, or an advisory to boil water to keep it clean,” said Harmon. “It’s just there to get information to people fast, and when it arises.”

As for how to get assistance and notifications from Code Red, you may be signed up and not even realize it.

“For most of the registered land lines and hard phones, they’re already signed up,” said Harmon. With the trend and movement away from the buying and using of landlines however, there is still some concern that people aren’t utilizing the tools that are given to them. Signing up your cell phone for Code Red is easy though.

“On our website, there is a place to sign your cell phone up to get all of the notifications that we may send out. That way, whether you are at home or you are away, you can be updated with what’s going on in the community. It’s just helpful to be able to get all that information out to everyone quickly and easy,” said Harmon.

To sign up for Code Red, visit and click on the sign-up link. You can register your phone number to get live updates on anything you may need to know.