Construction is happening in all areas of Belton in a record year

by / 0 Comments / 119 View / August 24, 2017

By David Tuma, Publisher

Sales tax receipts were up in May of this year by 5.9 percent. As of the end of July sales tax receipts were up 2.35 percent for the year. Hotel/motel tax receipts were up three percent in the physical year for the City of Belton with $75,000 received. Housing permeants in May were up 81 percent over last year. For the year Belton has already passed last year’s numbers of homes started. In the first eight months of the fiscal year, 163 homes were under construction for a 91.8 percent increase over last year.
Median home prices rose to $229,000. Requests for water service is up 136 percent this year. Belton has already passed last year’s numbers of requests for service in only seven months.
Things are happening in the community. A brick oven pizza parlor is planned on N. East Street. The building is being remodeled and there are tentative plans to add an upper deck at the location.
“They found some history of the building during construction. BEDC is remodeling their building on East Street. The building will be revitalized to make it look like the rest of downtown,” said Planning Director Erin Smith.
Three major expansions are underway in Belton this summer, Bell County Equestrian Center $28,600,000, Performing Arts Center $16,500,000 and the three story Commerce Marketplace building $ 2,000,000.
Hubbard Branch subdivision off of Holland Road began construction. Phase one is to be 200 homes with and 500 planned. Scndero subdivision off near Chisholm Trail Elementary started construction with 182 to be built. Dawson Ranch is expanding again with 140 homes to be built in Dawson Ridge.
A retail development study is being compiled by the City of Belton and a company called Retail Coach. A further study is being compiled to the possible adding of a Hotel/Conference Center in Belton.
East Street is the planning stages of being revitalized. Cost is estimated near the $300,000 range.
Concrete work will need to be done on both sides of East Street. Sidewalks and street lights will add to
the downtown area. The City of Belton has applied for a grant and should know in late October.
The roundabout on Sparta Road is ahead of schedule. Concrete work has been completed. The intersection of Commerce and Sparta should open in September. There will be a flag pole in the middle of the roundabout. MLK and Main Street construction is almost completed at the entrance of UMHB’s Performing Arts Center. Planning for much need 6th Avenue revitalization have started. It is estimated to cost just over $5 million to install sidewalks on both sides of the street and move the electrical lines underground.
Work crews from the City of Belton have been working on trimming trees for school buses and checking
school crossing signs.