Convocation ushers district into school year

by / 0 Comments / 83 View / August 27, 2015

By Devin Corbitt, The Belton Journal

The Belton Independent School District (BISD) welcomed their teachers and faculty back to school during an exciting convocation ceremony on Tuesday. The event opened with a game: Are You Smarter Than an Assistant Superintendent? The game opened with the introduction of assistant superintendents. Dr. Merl Brandon, Asst. Principal for Student Services and Administration, riled attendees up with his rendition of the Gangnam Style dance, pictured below right. Dr. Deanna Lovesmith, Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, and Phil Haggerty, Asst. Superintendent for Business Services, also graced the stage for the game.

During the game, BISD’s principals asked the district’s three assistant superintendents questions ranging from district history to fun facts. The superintendents could call on a group of faculty for help with the questions, and seemed to perform better when they did so.

Overall, the superintendents answered 15 of 20 questions correctly.

After their game, BISD employees were address by Board of Trustees member Mike Cowan, who highlighted just a few of the many accomplishments of BISD students last year. Of course, none of that could have been accomplished without the wide range of BISD employees.

“Are you ready for another great first day to another fantastic year at BISD?” Cowan asked the crowd. “Thank you to each and every one of you for what you do for our kids.”

Randy Pittenger, President of the BISD Board of Trustees, then addressed the group. He emphasized the importance of continuing to challenge students and not becoming complacent.

“Just because we’ve been successful in the past doesn’t mean we can just continue to do that. We need to continue to look for new opportunities, new ways for our students to be successful,” Pittenger said. “That means we have to embrace change, even when that’s hard to do. And we need to have a sense of urgency. Our kids don’t have time for us to think and study and plan for years and year. Their future is now.

“High expectations result in high achievement. That also means we need to be willing to allow our kids to make mistakes. If we’re not taking risks, we’re not learning. It’s okay to fail along the path of learning, and we shouldn’t be afraid of that.
Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon introduced the theme for the upcoming year: Our Schools, Our Community. With this, she hopes to emphasise and encourage community partnerships.

“It’s important that we, as a district, understand the relationship with our community and all that that means. The quality of our programs wouldn’t be where they are today without the support of a community who believes in us and is 100 percent behind us,” she explained. “I want you to join me in staying focused on building a better community for our kids through the delivery of a high-quality education and the development of ongoing partnerships and relationships within our community.”