Corvette Club raises funds local student scholarships

by / 0 Comments / 77 View / November 4, 2013

By Christine Foster
Journal Reporter

It was muscle car magic at Confederate Park on Saturday.  Sponsored by the Heart of Texas Corvette Club, 91 cars were in the exhibit, 20 of which were Corvettes. Hand rubbed to a gleaming shine, each car was a showstopper.  The most admired, however, was the 2014 Corvette that had just been delivered to its owner two days prior. The club sponsored the event with the goal of providing scholarship funds at Belton and Temple High Schools in the field of automotive technology.  The club expected to raise between $4,000 and $5,000.  The club’s bylaw’s dictate that fundraisers be held for the purpose of giving the money back to the community.  This is the 4th of such events this year.
“It’s all for the kids,” car show team leader, Tim Milliken, said.
But the club has many fun events.  The members enjoy caravanning to various restaurants and made a special trip to the winery in Florence with three other Corvette clubs.
Milliken is a unique club member in that he owns at 2008 Corvette and a Ford Cobra.  Now that is definitely some rumbling Detroit muscle.