Costumes highlight downtown Candy Trail

by / 0 Comments / 155 View / November 8, 2018

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor



Families from all over were welcomed to the Belton Candy Trail this past weekend in an effort to get everyone prepared for the upcoming Halloween holiday. In past years, the event has drawn more than 2,000 people to downtown Belton. Over twenty-five businesses were handing out candy to children and as they gathered up goodies from store to store.



Kristen and Justin Longmore of Harker Heights expressed their excitement for the family-friendly event. They said that their children look forward to it each year.


This family dressed up as Akuma, Sagat and Dhalsim from Street Fighter, the first competitive fighting game released in 1987.


“We come out to the candy trail every year,” Longmore said. “My son just turned ten and was worried that he would be too old to trick-or-treat this year. He enjoys seeing all of the different costumes and meeting other kids.”



The Longmores have an 8-year-old special needs daughter who isn’t mobile without her wheelchair. When asked what she likes about the candy trail, she responded with, “I like Halloween every year because I know that I will get to help my family decorate my wheel chair. Next year, I want to be Moana. Oh, and I like the candy, too. The orange tootsie rolls are my favorite!”


This family donned their elaborate costumes.


Most businesses were handing out the traditional Tootsie Rolls, suckers and smarties while Tea Luck was handing out tasty samples of various teas along with fortune cookies as treats.



Craig Schnyder of Belton was there with his twin girls who were dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat.


Children weren’t the only ones dressed up as 1 year-old Adaline showed off her super hero outfit.


“We have a tradition of coming to the Candy Trail, grabbing pizza for dinner and timing how long they will last until the ‘sugar crash’ knocks them out,” Schnyder laughed. “I always dress them up as characters that come in twos. We saw the family who were dressed up as The Wizard of Oz characters. The girls loved that, so I am thinking of going with that theme next year.”



The Candy Trail provided a safe place for families to gather to don costumes for Halloween, giving children an alternative to neighborhood trick-or-treating. Jessica Rivera said that the safe environment is one of the reasons she brings her son to the candy trail.


Patrick Lacombe, a CHIPS member with the Belton Police department stooped to pose with sisters Maisey, Marleigh and Makenna.


“You never know with people anymore,” Rivera said. “I hear all of these horror stories, so I’m scared to take Martin trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. This is my second year coming here and I really appreciate what Belton does for us people.”