CrossFit SPRAG hosts 2018 team

by / 0 Comments / 115 View / September 8, 2017

By Shelby Lea Miller, Correspondent

This past Sunday, August 27, CrossFit SPRAG hosted their Team Tryouts for the 2018 competition season. Locally owned and located here in Belton, CrossFit SPRAG is an impressive space with a great group of people. They finished 15th at the Southern Regionals in 2017 and are looking forward to making it again this year with their new team. Tryouts were open to both members and non-members of the gym.
There were five competitors for the day’s events and many spectators that came to cheer on and support their family and friends. The day started with owner, Adam Aguilera, sitting down with the competitors to explain what they were looking for and what the day would consist of.
“We’re going to do three workouts with a thirty to forty-five minute break in between so you can get yourself ready for the next round,” Aguilera said. “The first workout is actually from the 2014 competition, but we changed it up a little.”
The competitors joked with each other about leaving after hearing the first workout, which consisted of rowing, box jumps, deadlifts, wall ball, and handstand push-ups. Athletes were then given 10 minutes to warm up however they wished before beginning the first round. Before beginning the athletes were given one more explanation on what was expected and a countdown was set. Once the buzzer went off the athletes had 12 minutes to cycle through the workout the best that they could.


Current team members of the CrossFit SPRAG Team were the judges for the day and also acted as counters so the competitors could instead focus on their form instead of counting. Beyond that, and in true team spirit, they also encouraged the competitors to keep pushing and do their best when they got tired. By the end of the first round there was plenty of sweat to go around and a lot of high fives as family and friends said “good job” to the athletes.
“The worst thing you could do is sit down right now,” said Aguilera as he encouraged the athletes to keep up and moving for a short cool down session. Cooling down is a great way to help clear out the lactic acid and prevent injury as well as delayed onset muscle soreness.
After the cool down session, Aguilera rounded up the athletes to go over their strengths and weaknesses both asking what they felt their personal ones were and addressing what the judges and he saw throughout the workout.


“We aren’t just looking for form, we are also looking to see how you pace yourself knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are,” said Aguilera. He took the time to address each athlete one by one and give them something to work on in the future. The day wasn’t about best or worst, but instead about building a group of people who could work together and become their best. To learn more about CrossFit SPRAG, you can call Aguilera at 682-554-4411.