CTCS welcomes new Head of School

by / 0 Comments / 210 View / March 17, 2015

By Nikki Velarde, The Belton Journal

The Lions at Central Texas Christian School (CTCS) are proud to welcome their new Head of School, Mr. Brian Littlefield.

“I’ve been part of the Central Texas area for a long time”, Littlefield explained. He did graduate work at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. This was also where he met his wife, Jacque Joy Littlefield.

Together they moved to Austin to continue with Graduate School. It was there that Mr. Littlefield began his journey in education. He served in both the Pflugerville and Hutto school districts before becoming the Superintendent at Hyde Park Baptist Schools in Austin, then the First Baptist Academy in Dallas. “I vividly remember working in Hutto ISD when September 11th occurred and what a challenging time that was”, Littlefield commented.

“After that I just felt God really calling us into Christian education.”

“How do you know if God is calling you to serve”, Littlefield asks. “You need to follow his lead and just be open to that and pour yourself into him. It’s about investing in our kids, and you do that both academically and spiritually.”

The mission of CTCS is to educate students with the transforming truth of Christ, inspiring academic excellence, Godly character and integrity in life pursuits. Littlefield describes this as a partnership between the church, school, and the family. “It’s a great mix. We don’t go against the families values, we align with them.”

“In public education, we spend millions of dollars on character education, but we’re always missing that one component”, explains Littlefield. With the addition of teaching Christian values, “we can minster to kids and partner with families. We can invest in them and share with them.” That seems to be the cornerstone and key ingredient of CTCS.

The school participates in a Student Leadership program in which students get the opportunity to experience serving others. “It teaches them that Christ came not just to be served, but to serve”, said Littlefield. “Equipping kids to serve through student leadership opportunities is a valuable asset that this school brings to the table. I think our society could use a lot more of that.”

During a student’s teenage years is “when their values are shaped”, Littlefield added. “ So if we’re investing in them and pouring into them, partnering with their families, partnering with their churches and youth groups and children ministry, then that’s the best opportunity to train and equip them to be a light in our community. It’s great to be a part of what God’s doing in their lives.”

CTCS was started in 1987, by a group of five families all from different churches and backgrounds with the same foundational principal in mind; to raise a generation of leaders for the Kingdom of God through the excellence of Christian education.

“The school has a great legacy, and just to build upon that and expand it is humbling but very exciting”, Littlefield commented.

CTCS continues to grow and expand each year, with projected enrollment reaching nearly 1,000 students in the near future. The original principles on which the school was established continue to provide a solid foundation and inspiration for the direction of the school.

“I’m excited that God called us to be here”, Littlefield explained. “We’ve got great faculty and staff, the families are wonderful and the kids are just amazing. I’m excited to be a part of it.”