CTRG can’t escape second-half hole, falls to San Angelo 190-145

by / 0 Comments / 50 View / October 22, 2017

By Tony Adams, Sports Editor

The Cen-Tex RollerGirls completed their 2017 home season against the San Angelo Roller Girls on Saturday, Oct. 7 at the Mayborn Civic Center.
CTRG recovered from an early hole in the first half, but a 59-17 San Angelo run early in the second half gave the team a 190-145 win.
San Angelo jumped out to an early 24-0 lead off of the first two jams.
Goldie Hurtsalot, Truckstop Trixie and Speeding Beauty combined for 57 points over the next 20 minutes to give CTRG a 57-34 lead.
San Angelo rallied to get back to within six points, 66-60. Both teams had big jams before halftime, and Cen-Tex maintained the lead 83-80.
SARG started the second half with a 26-point jam from Strawberry Dump Cake to give the visitors a 106-83 lead two minutes in. San Angelo grew the lead up to 63 points before Goldie and Speeding Beauty’s combined 31 points cut into the deficit, but it was not enough.