CTRG wrecks The Reckoning in 2016 season opener 242-68

by / 0 Comments / 118 View / March 29, 2016

By Tony Adams, Sports Editor

The Cen-Tex Rollergirls got their 2016 season rolling against The Reckoning, one of the Texas Rollergirls’ teams from Austin.
CTRG dominated from the first whistle to the last Sunday night at the Frank Mayborn Civic Center in front of nearly 400 fans, as they coped with The Reckoning in a 174-point win, 242-68.
Cen-Tex, based jointly out of Temple and Belton, was able to execute their defensive sets while getting significant points out of their corps of jammers.
Zee, Rugrat and Pinky Longstoppings took the first four jams over the bout’s first six minutes and CTRG went up 56-2. While racking up big points, Cen-Tex’s blockers and pivots blew up The Reckoning’s offensive plans. JoJo Jitt, Bacon Envy, Mental Case, Miami Ana-Mosity, April, Vicious Cycle, Sin. D. PopHer, Bockscar Bambi, Hell ghakickuAzz, Kelli Ka-Powski and Vandal Eyez provided ferocious blocking and walls that the opposing jammers could not penetrate.
Meanwhile, Pinky, JoJo, Zee and Kelly racked up serious points in the first half, leading to a 120-point halftime lead, 156-36.
Cen-Tex continued its offensive pressure, while expanding upon their defensive game plan. Roller Derby is a sport where two offenses can score simultaneously against the opposing two defenses.
Fun, but not for the faint of heart.
“We were able to execute our offense, while working on blocking,” CTRG head coach Zee Kelly said. “Our new girls did amazing tonight and the score shows it. Our training and studying different plays really helped us prepare for The Reckoning. They are a very good TXRG team and we’ll have another good one in Honky Tonk here at the Mayborn in April.”
Sin D. PopHer was awarded the Blocker of the Bout for CenTex for her excellent blocking. Rugrat was awarded the Jammer of the Bout for CenTex, racking up a ton of points during full-strength and power jams.
Grendal Gruesome was awarded the Blocker of the Bout for The Reckoning, interrupting several Cen-Tex jams with fierce checks. Nutmeg was awarded the Jammer of the Bout for The Reckoning, withstanding crushing blocks and dodging in and out of traffic.
All four skaters received a momento from the bout in classic derby style: the blockers received a mason jar with legos inside and the jammers received a bottle of jam with a tiara glued on.
CTRG will have a fundraiser at the Wheels Family Skate Center, Thursday, April 14.
Cen-Tex will be back in action on Sunday, April 17 at 6 p.m. as they take on the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers from the Texas Rollergirls’ organization.
For more information on the Cen-Tex Rollergirls, visit their website at www.centexrg.com, follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CenTexRollerGirls, follow their Twitter feed at @CTRGRollerGirls or follow them on Instagram at CENTEX_ROLLERGIRLS.