Dealflicks offers discount movie tickets

by / 0 Comments / 211 View / July 15, 2015

By Devin Corbitt, The Belton Journal

A company called Dealflicks could revolutionize the way you do date night. It has for me.

Like most of you, I love the smell of movie theater popcorn, a cold fountain drink and the super comfortable, cavernous seats of Grand Avenue Theater. The problem?

I’m still young and broke.

But fortunately, Dealflicks has made it possible for me to see more than just one movie every few months (and only if I know it’s going to be worth the price). In order to fill up those seats after opening weekend, Dealflicks has partnered with Grand Avenue Theaters (and more than 600 theaters across the country) to bring movie lovers like me back into theaters with discounted tickets and special deals.

Here’s how it works:
1. Once a theater agrees to partner with Dealflicks, the two companies find a deal that would work best in the theater’s area.
2. The theater identifies its slowest times and agrees to consign a certain number of tickets to Dealflicks for them to sell.
3. Dealflicks sells those tickets at the agreed-upon price (see #1)
4. We all get great deals!

But they don’t just offer tickets. The deals can range anywhere from two tickets and a popcorn for a reduced price to one ticket, a popcorn and a drink to a head massage during the movie. Okay, maybe not a head massage, but the deals are still great!
Of course, those deals can change all the time and be different for different times of the day.

“The theaters are the masters of their universe,” Ryan Fitzgerald, Business Development Manager at Dealflicks, said. “They know what their market is, what their market needs, what the demographic is, so we’re simply the vehicle for getting them from A to Z, which is getting a butt in that seat. We’re a very dynamic platform, so the deals offered are totally up to the theater.”

This all came stemmed from the brain of co-founder and CEO Sean Wycliffe. After seeing “The King’s Speech” in a nearly empty movie theater, this already ambitious entrepreneur had a light bulb moment.

“Right after opening weekend, he was in the theater, and it was just empty,” Fitzgerald said. “There were five people in the theater, and he thought, ‘This is crazy. There should be more people here. This movie just opened; it’s got really good reviews. What’s going on?’ And he saw an opportunity there.”

He thought about the business models of companies like Priceline and Hotwire, and he decided to base his business off of that.

“He applied an existing business model, which is what Priceline does for airlines and what Hotwire does for hotels,” Fitzgerald said. “Large companies will outsource or sell their unsold inventory to a third party so that they (the third party) can sell the goods at a discount, fill those empty seats, keep capacity as high as possible and then they keep a portion of the sale.”

Of course, all this took a while, since Wycliffe had to convince movie theaters they needed his company. But it paid off.

“It took a long time to get that first theater, and then things slowly started to pick up,” Fitzgerald said. “With a lot of perseverance, we’ve now got over 600 theaters across the country. Onward and upward.”

And the best part of all: these sweet deals are available right here in Belton! So go to, sign up for a (FREE) account and get to saving! I already have.