Decrease in speed limit on Old 95 and Wilson Valley Road approved by Commissoners

by / 0 Comments / 90 View / March 30, 2017

By Lindsay Starr Platt, Correspondent

County commissioners gathered for their regular meeting on March 20 to discuss and consider items on the agenda. The minutes from the regular meeting on March 13 were discussed and approved.

A Public Hearing was held during the meeting to consider approval of a request to decrease the posted speed limits on Old 95 and Wilson Valley Road. This change is for the speed limit for vehicles as they approach the city of Little River-Academy. No one came forward for the Public Hearing and it was approved by County Commissioners.

Commissioners authorized the County Auditor to advertise for two services. Those advertisements will be for Inmate Dental Services and for Stone RipRap for the Road and Bridge Department.
Also approved by County Commissioners was the Final Plat Approval for two subdivisions. Final Plat approved was for “Steglich Estates,” a one-block subdivision located in Bell County and “Martha Legg Addition” a replat in the North Nolan Estates subdivision, located within the City of Temple’s ETJ.

2017 Seal Coat Program for the Road and Bridge Department was approved by Commissioners. Two projects of an Interlocal Agreement were also approved for seal coat. The areas approved were: Morgan’s Point Resort to seal coat approximately 3.0 miles of roads within its city limits and in Bell County and the Village of Salado to seal coat approximately 1.47 miles of roads located within its city limits, and in Bell County.

Another project by the Seal Coat Department is the purchase and application of Reclamite Preservation Seal (asphalt rejuvenator). This project will be a trial run for Mountain Ridge Subdivision and Lemonwood Subdivision. Pavement Restoration, Inc. will be used as a single source vendor in the estimated amount of $31,842.80 for this project.

The County Auditor was also authorized by Commissioners to purchase 5,400 tons of aggregate from Capitol Aggregates through TxSmartBuy. This contract for an estimated cost of $217,641.60 is due to a shortage of available aggregate from our contracted vendor Killeen Crushed Stone.