Development planned south of Belton as utilities expand

by / 0 Comments / 145 View / August 1, 2016

By David Tuma

Arby’s, Goodyear, and Belton Brew a pizza/burgers establishment is coming to Belton. There is also a new Edward Jones office going up behind CVS Pharmacy. Creekside subdivision should see homes starting up in the next few week. River Place is always expanding and phase nine is underway.
Belton’s three story office building is going up or at least the base of the building is going up. Development for the Belton community is important as BISD continues to expand in West Temple Belton may well find itself a minority in their own school district in 10-years.
The building at 115 N. East Street is undergoing remodeling as virtually every building in downtown is being given new life. The front of the building is made of cast iron similar but larger than those of Cochran, Blair and Potts.
“Fine Lines is doing some wonderful work downtown,” said Erin Smith Director of Planning for the City of Belton. “There is a lot of activity downtown.” So many buildings are expanding or under remodel it is dazzling. Belton Brew is going in where Britt Drugs used to be.
Ed Bandas the Retail Development Coordinator for the City of Belton has had several meetings with potential builders in the area.
North of Cedar Crest Hospital there has been a zoning change for 3 acres of land to commercial and some industrial. With the expansion of the sewer line along I-35 to the Lampasas River there has been activity in the area before the start of construction. “We are seeing property listed for sale along I-35 South of town,” said Smith.
Sewer lines will be designed by the end of the year. Funding plans are being developed. The area in question is in the city limits. There is also are plans on a large development along Shanklin Road called Shanklin Crossing Development. The plan was originally developed in 2009 but recession put it off for a few years.
The sewer line will go under I-35 and head back to Belton for short distance. Eventually both sides of I-35 will have sewer lines. Home permits are way up this year another good sign for Belton.