Dinosaurs return to Bell County Expo

by / 0 Comments / 275 View / March 16, 2016

By Elizabeth Varville, Correspondent

On March 5 and 6, sounds of roaring dinosaurs could be heard throughout the Bell County Expo Center as visitors of all ages gather to witness the traveling Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit. The event features an unique experience where spectators are able to view moving replica dinosaurs and hands-on displays.
“The event was a huge success. We had over 7,000 visitors and the response was very favorable,” said Bell County Expo Center director, Tim Stevens.
According to discoverthedinosaurs.com, the goal of Discover the Dinosaurs is to create a fun environment of learning and activity that explores the wonderment and mystery of our prehistoric past. The interactive exhibit had over 40 animatronic and museum quality dinosaur replica displays to include the Deinonychus, the Pachycephalosaurus, the large sharp toothed Allosaurus, the “long neck” Apatosaurus, the small-but-deadly Raptors, the large plant eater Stegosaurus, the attacking Tyrannosaurus, and the massive three-horned Triceratops. Each Discover the Dinosaurs scene showcases dinosaurs in the period of time that reflects when the dinosaurs lived. The backdrops, rocks, flooring, and plant materials are designed to bring people back in time to a landscape where dinosaurs roamed. The dinosaurs come to life; engaging the senses, each scene includes static and animatronic dinosaurs surrounded by lighting, sound effects and fog. The exhibit offers walking through jungle-like scenes and seeing realistic dinosaurs in their natural environment. Hear them roar, see them move, and experience what it is like to come face-to-face with moving, breathing dinosaurs. As each person entered the exhibit a scavenger hunt was offered to engage all viewers by tracking the dinosaurs throughout the exhibit.
After experiencing the dinosaur exhibit, attendees were guided to the main arena of the Bell County Expo Center where additional activities were available. Children of all ages were able to ride on the back of a T-rex or Triceratops for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity. Paleontologists in the making were able to reveal dinosaur fossils in the Dino Dig. Educational and entertaining movies were featured on the dinosaur-sized screen and all the adventurers could jump, slide and play on the dinosaur-themed inflatables. Mini Golf, gem and fossil panning, and face painting helped to complete the event.
For more information on the traveling exhibit please visit discoverthedinosaurs.com.