Disc Golf 101 scores big at Heritage Park

by / 0 Comments / 97 View / August 4, 2017

By Heather Regula, Correspondent

Disc Golf 101 was held at Heritage Park on Saturday, July 22. This event was a partnership between Belton Parks and Recreation Belton Disc Golfers, and other local disc golf enthusiasts.
“We have hosted disc golf tournaments before, but this is the first instructional event aimed at youth,” said Matt Bates, Director of Parks and Recreation. “Disc golf is a community of its own and having so many disc golf players come out to help support and teach our kids is great. Today is a chance to introduce some new people to the sport while providing the opportunity for experienced disc golfers to play.”
A shortened course, consisting of 18 temporary baskets, was laid out at Heritage Park. Millers BBQ and Grand Avenue Theater provided prizes.
“It’s a priority on the Parks and Recreation Strategic Master Plan to have a disc golf course. The course is something the community wants, and we are working towards finding the ideal location,” said Bates.
“About 20 people from various local disc golf clubs showed up today to teach kids and their families about disc golf,” said Woody Durbin of Belton. “We are all so happy to be here today – sharing our love for the sport and helping kids learn about disc golf.”
Chrystal Kanzenbach, of Belton, was grateful for this free event.
“My brother and my dad have played disc golf before and my ten-year-old son Brayden wanted to come play today. He hasn’t played before, but he is very athletic and loves to be outdoors,” said Kanzenbach. “We love to come to events like this – it’s free and lets him try something out to see if he likes it.”
Jennifer Tasby of Temple has been playing disc golf for six years.
“My husband’s co-worker took him out to play disc golf years and he loved it. He jumped in headfirst, and I followed. We are both professional disc golf players now,” said Tasby. “The tournaments we play in are mainly in Texas and the kids come along with us. It’s great family time.”
Tasby’s husband, Decius, was coaching kids during Disc Golf 101. Attendees were instructed on the various grips and ways to throw the discs, scoring, and the basics of the game.
Nema Heller of Temple brought her two grandchildren, Shayra (10 years old) and Shayden (7 years old), to Saturday’s event.
“There is a disc golf course set up where we live in Temple and the kids are always watching people play. I decided to surprise them by bringing them here today and giving them the chance to play disc golf,” said Heller. “Shayra and Shayden didn’t know where we were going until we pulled up here. The kids are so excited to be here – they were jumping up and down when they realized what they were going to be doing!”
Andrew Fryman and his 8-year-old son Hunter just happened to be at Heritage Park for baseball pictures on Saturday morning.
“We got done with Hunter’s baseball pictures and saw this going on, so we decided to stay. Hunter is enjoying himself and he seems to be doing well. I think this is a game we will be playing more of,” said Fryman.