District implements enhanced communication tool for added security

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Special to the Journal



This month, Belton ISD is transitioning to the I Love You Guys Foundation Standard Response Protocol (SRP) for emergency response language. The Texas School Safety Center promotes the SRP as a communication tool that can help us ensure consistent, shared language and actions among all students, staff and first responders. The SRP is not a replacement but an enhancement of our existing safety plans.



Staff has received training on the SRP, and teachers have been encouraged to present a poster that utilizes the new language to their students as a part of their regular review of classroom and/or campus procedures.



“The safety and well-being of students is our highest priority, and we want to continue to keep them and our employees at the forefront of our decisions regarding safety and security planning,” Dr. Kincannon said.



As the district transitions to the updated system, some language used to describe and instruct behaviors during incidents both inside and outside of our schools will change. The five terms now adopted include lockout, lockdown, evacuate, shelter and hold.



The SRP does not significantly change how or what actions will be taken during drills or incidents, but does provide for improved communication with enhanced terms and directives.



“The tried and true measures that have been done in the past are still tried and true in our district,” Coordinator of Emergency Preparedness Pete Ramirez said. “Through the Texas School Safety Center, the I Love You Guys Foundation are trying to make the Standard Response Protocol universal in Texas, and we are pleased that Belton ISD is the first school district in the area to implement this system.”



The SRP is the latest measure in the district’s efforts to comprehensively address safety and security, and is one part of the District Improvement Plan adopted by the Board of Trustees last August. The DIP serves as a blueprint for how the district will continue to address priority areas, including important safety and security elements. The elements outlined in the plan include: Facilities and Devices; Human Resources and Partnerships; Communication; Training; and Students.



Some of the measures adopted this school year include: the use of magnetic locks at every campus to limit access from the office into the campus, installing over 500 locks for classroom doors to ensure all doors can be locked quickly and easily from the inside, without the use of a key, required training sessions in Citizens Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) and Stop The Bleed for employees, and implementing a new anti-bullying and safety reporting system called Anonymous Alerts.