Don Ringler hosts pre-Comic Con event featuring Bumblebee

by / 0 Comments / 109 View / August 2, 2018

By Lauren Lum, Correspondent



The 2nd annual Bell County Comic Con will be at the Expo Center in Belton on August 4-5. The Comic Con and Don Ringler Chevrolet teamed up to promote the event with a Bumblebee transformer Meet-and-Greet on Saturday, July 22.



The meet and greet also included lawn games and free barbeque. Another popular attraction at the event were the themed Camaros that Chevrolet set up. Each Camaro had a different theme including a yellow Bumblebee-inspired Camaro, a charcoal Superman-inspired Camaro, a black Kylo Ren-inspired Camaro, and a white Mater-inspired Camaro. Each car featured several props used by the characters.


Meghan and Everett Collins interact with Bumblebee the Autobot from the Transformer movies on Saturday, July 21, at Don Ringler Chevrolet in Temple.


“Don Ringler is one of our sponsors for the Comic Con. Since Transformers is big with the kids and Camaro is a Chevrolet, we decided to have the event here to showcase some of the cars that they have,” Comic Con team member Jeff Hook said.



Father and son Shawn and Logan Jackson attended the Bumblebee Meet-and-Greet at Chevrolet. The Jacksons attended last year’s comic con and are planning to go in cosplay to this year’s event.



“It was awesome, but I was a little bit nervous,” Logan said about meeting Bumblebee.



Logan said he would like to dress as Batman for the event.


Jazavian Canady, Sanah Smith, and Jackie Canady look at drawings by artists.


According to Hook, this year’s comic con will feature several celebrity guests including Danny Trejo (Machete, Spy Kids), Hasaan Rasheed (Marvel’s Black Panther), Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, and more.



Comic Con team member Lisa Hook said that last year’s comic con had almost 20,000 attendees, which is why they decided to bring the event back.



Lisa Hook said that some people have the wrong idea that comic cons are all about comic books.



“People cosplay in costumes. We have a costume contest for kids and adults. People make figurines. People sell vintage toys. We have a kid’s corner where kids can color. Last year we had a Harry Potter wand-making section,” Lisa Hook said.


Jacob Martinez colors a Camaro picture at the Bumblebee Meet-and-Greet at Don Ringler Chevrolet on Saturday, July 21.


Lisa Hook said that the Comic Con likes to bring in local businesses as much as they can, and she hopes that the comic con will help tie the community together.



“We’re trying to bring more to the community that we don’t have already,” Hook said. “A lot of people that go to comic cons have to travel to San Antonio, Austin or Dallas. We didn’t have anything local.”



Tickets to the Bell County Comic Con can be purchased at