Early childhood school sets bar for fun

by / 0 Comments / 145 View / November 14, 2016

By Danielle Wellborn-Tyler

It was a fun Friday night at the Belton Early Childhood School as they held their 3rd annual Fall Festival. The parking lot was packed, and kids could be seen running with pure excitement from booth to booth. There was also a silent auction for the adults.
The event was run by teachers and school staff members, and it obvious they were having a great time doing it. “I just love seeing all the families come and have fun. We try to keep it inexpensive so everyone has the opportunity. There are all kinds of things to win, and just seeing the looks on peoples faces when you announce it is pretty cool. It looks like a really great turnout this year,” said Meredith Robinson, a parent liaison for the school.
Dana Verma was busy following her son, Austin Verma, from event to event and back again as he collected candy and toys, and played games. “His favorite part is the bouncy house, and it’s just so great to be able to have a place to let them have fun. Plus we just love the school and his teachers. It’s just a really great time,” said Verma.
Drumming up excitement and involvement was, Kim Beshansky, one of the teachers at Belton Early Childhood School. Her happiness was contagious, and she made it no secret how much she loves working at the school. “I just love walking in the classroom every day, it puts a smile on my face, and I’m thrilled every day. The last thing I think at night is that I can’t wait to get back the next day. If you like what you do, it will never be a job,” said Beshansky
Joseph Fino was there with his niece, Nevaeh Fino, and the joy on both of their faces was unmistakable. He had high praises for the school and its teachers. “I like that all the teachers really get involved with their students. We’ve been bringing her here for years, and she just really enjoys it. You don’t always get kids that enjoy going to school and getting up at six o’clock in the morning so they can be here. The teachers are phenomenal. We get texts back and forth from them, where we are able to communicate with them what’s going on, and you can’t beat that. It’s not just a job for them, they are really invested in it,” said Fino.