Entertainment News?

by / 0 Comments / 81 View / August 16, 2016

I don’t watch a lot of broadcast news, nor listen to news radio. I prefer to sort through and read the news stories that interest me. If I watch the regular nightly news there may be one or two stories that are worth seeing, but those are at the end of the newscast. They show “teasers” throughout the show about the interesting bits, and then after all the redundant news and commercials, and of course opinions, they blast out the interesting topic in the last forty five seconds of the show. I like my newspaper, because I can hold it and read at my own pace. And by pace I mean over a period of a few hours, or as the case often is, a few days. I have a few internet news web pages that I frequent. I have the ability there to scroll through and pick out the fare that speaks to me. Obviously I have to say that I like newspapers since I work for one, however I really do. They are tangible, and perhaps people of my generation like to touch things. That was certainly one of the biggest hurdles I had to make with digital photography. I like real books and paper magazines. Maybe it is just seeing something for my money.
Where I was really going with this today. Almost any website that has news, and I use that term loosely, there seems to be a lot of “entertainment” news. By entertainment they mean actors and singers and the like. I am sure we can all agree that this is not all entertaining, however they needed a genre for it. A good portion of this “news” is relationship issues between couples, one or both of which are in the limelight for some reason. Following that a litany of other problems, most of which would sound like court charges if they were not attributed to a famous name. Of course much of this drama has gone on for as long as we have had “movie stars”. However back a few years it was just a handful of actors and actresses getting married, then divorced and remarried and divorced and married someone else, ad nauseum. These days it is so much more, marriage never even seems to make the list. Of course the relationship issues, financial decisions and certainly personal problems.
The dilemma that I have with this brand of “news” is that all of a sudden these celebrities seem to carry some weight as an expert on several topics. They offer political advice yet their net worth is way more than they can calculate and all of it was earned by pretending to be someone they are not. Their financial expertise is called into questions too, they buy a huge mansion and then in a few short years they sell it for a tenth of the original price. Come to think of it, Congress’ ability to work through financial problems is not much better. Then we get advice on charitable donations as well; “Save the Puffer Fish” send twenty dollars a month and you will get cheap t-shirt and a photo of your very own symbolic adopted puffer fish. Now I am willing to bet that every card has the same picture of the same puffer fish. So why did all the others miss out on their symbolic adoption?
And don’t get me started on the endless dribble of clothing issues. Do people really care that much about what some overrated celebrity wears, or in some cases doesn’t wear? No one really cares what I wear everyday, and I really try to go out of my way to dress well, even taking into consideration the most current styles. And no one gives two hoots if I have a wardrobe malfunction. Of course my “wardrobe malfunction” doesn’t leave me partially exposed. Normally a major “wardrobe malfunction” for me would be missing a belt loop or the back of my shirt collar sticking up, and those are easily corrected by a concerned friend before I totally embarrass myself. Now I know that a lot of celebrities set fashion trends and obviously some other current social movements. However with the “front page news” attention these celebrities get these days and the lack of knowledge that a lot of people have about social issues, it is a bad combination and the choices that come will reflect that. They will be seeing political issues through the dulled view of spoiled, self centered “stars”, they will think that puffer fish salvation is the most important charitable contribution that can be made, and that having the fanciest house and cars, regardless of ability to afford them, is how you want to live your life. I am making sure that I dress properly this week so I don’t make any headlines in the upcoming edition of this newspaper, I think I am good for the time being.