Fine Line of Belton restores, revives area buildings for future growth

by / 0 Comments / 227 View / June 26, 2016

By David Tuma

A new façade improvement grant for 112 North Main Street by Camden Enterprises is another major improvement project ongoing. This is one of several major downtown improvements made by Fine Line a construction company in Belton. The $20,000 matching grant is for improvements to the font and the back of the building.
Fine Line has their offices nearby at 130 N. Main. They finished remodeling 130 N. Main in 2015. It was a major restoration project for the downtown area.
The building at 112 N. Main needed a new roof. It has an original 14ft ceiling. The back of the building facing the Bell County parking lot has archways with a deck upstairs. The deck has access from inside the building. It has a walk-in safe dating back 100-years.
Inside the building it still has the original tin ceiling that will be restored. The 1900’s wall paper was put up using cheesecloth. There is little left of the original wall paper.
There are archways in front of the building. The windows and archways will be restored to their original construction. The walls have shiplap.
The beams holding up the ceiling and the flooring is from old growth trees. The 2×10’s from 100-years ago will not have to be replaced.
Upstairs there are curved windows that have been bricked in. These will be restored. There are windows facing the building next door and the back opens up onto the deck that faces Nolan Creek. “It feels good to restore buildings in your hometown. What we are doing will last. You don’t see this type of construction on buildings anymore. That is why we are trying to restore these buildings,” said Leo Camden.
There will be a new awning out front of the building which needs a lot of work.
Fine Line restored the building at 130 N. Main. The flooring was bowed and had to be fixed. There were places where it was held up by cedar stumps and rocks. After layers and layers of paint was chipped off the outside rock wall it was repaired.
The building has six offices and 16 foot ceilings.
Fine Line received a $10,000 matching grant to refurbish the outside of the building. These grants have remade the downtown area over the past several years.
“Belton has good growth. There is a lot happening in our community. Belton is the place to be again. It is becoming business oriented,” said Camden.
Fine Line is a family operated business with James Baggerly, Cindy Baggerly Camden, Leo Camden Sr., Ashley Camden and Leo working together.