Finney Insurance Agency gives the residents of Central Texas peace of mind

by / 0 Comments / 122 View / November 5, 2017

By Josh Rivera, Lifestyles Editor

Allison Finney graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in animal production. She spent six years outside of Amarillo doing a stint in agriculture. But after her parents, Woody and Jeanette Finney bought the Finney Insurance Agency in 1996, Finney returned to her hometown of Belton, entering the family business with her brother, Corbett.
“I grew up in Belton, so I wanted to come back home,” said Finney. “I graduated in 1986 from Belton High School. So I’m a Beltonite, as some would say.”
However, Finney initially saw some resistance to her new career.
“One of the big deals is, when people think of insurance agents, they think of men,” Finney said. “I think over the years—the last several years—it’s changed, but you could catch a lot of animosity. Kinda like, ‘you’re an insurance agent? Really?’ When my brother was here, customers would call up and say, ‘it’s the guy I want to talk to.’ Okay. That’s fine. Let’s let the guy talk to you, but I’m the one who does all the paperwork, so I’ll be handling it in the end. I think it’s gotten better because I think there’s a lot more women in insurance now.”
The Finney Insurance Agency is the latest incarnation of a Germania local chapter which was founded in 1949. The Agency currently serves customers in the Central Texas area, including the residents of Belton, Salado, Temple, Harker Heights, Killeen, Copperas Cove and Troy. In 2005, the siblings bought the family business. Corbett Finney passed away in 2016.
“I think…it’s very important to have a relationship with your customer, because in the insurance industry now, so much of it is done online,” said Finney. “And to actually have an agent, where you can go to their office, talk to them, sit down with them and discuss your needs, it’s pretty unique now. We have a lot of customers that they don’t want to leave because they can walk through that front door and talk to us. I just think that’s really important, to be able to have that.”
Over the years, Finney stressed the importance of organization and rigorous bookkeeping. Documentation and an obsessive amount of detail are vital.
“You know, there’s so many insurance companies out there that have gone to paperless,” said Finney. “Well, when we started, we had four, four-drawer filing cabinets. And right now, we probably have 18, five-drawer filing cabinets. So if my system is down, I can go pull it out of the filing cabinet, and the information is all right there.”
Finney Insurance Agency’s policies run the gamut of home, auto, small commercial and life insurance. Their expanded network of providers includes SafeCo and National Lloyds, in addition to Germania Insurance. But they also have more specific insurance options, informed by Finney’s own experiences with agriculture.
“We have animal insurance,” Finney said. “It’s mortality insurance. We’ve had a really expensive longhorn bull insured before. Now, we have an expensive roping horse.”
Finney Insurance Agency is located at 820 S. Main St., Belton. They can be reached at 254-939-5751, or