Fire chief honored for saving homes in MPR

by / 0 Comments / 123 View / August 21, 2017

By David Tuma, Publisher

Morgan’s Point Resort’s Fire Chief was honored at the MPR council meeting Tuesday, Aug. 8, by Congressman John Carter, State Representative Hugh Shine and grateful residents. The fire started in Oakmont Park on Lake Belton, just outside of MPR’s city limits. The park has been a public issue with local residents for years. It is under the jurisdiction of the Bell County Sheriff’s Office and the Army Corp of Engineers.


The quick response by seven different fire departments in the area resulted in the saving of multiple homes in MPR. This was a major fire and the damage and cost to MPR vehicles was estimated to be $18,000, which was approved in a budget amendment at the council meeting.
“It was group effort,” said Philips. “Low winds helped and everything worked out that day of the fire. Other fire departments started coming to help before we asked. It is nice to get a thank you.”
The Corps reached out to the City of MPR after this near-disaster, and began negotiations of a possible lease of the park to MPR. The council authorized City Manager David Huseman to begin negotiations. For years, residents have come to the council to complain about late night parties in the park which is unregulated.
A final plat was approved to create one lot in the Linden Addition. The council approved an Interlocal Mutual aid agreement with area Fire Departments. Public comments amendments were approved. The council approved the renting of a police vehicle for IH-35 construction. The city rents out one their older police vehicles. They have increased revenue by $28,000 in the past few years doing this.