Fishin’ for fun

by / 0 Comments / 130 View / January 16, 2016

By Annie Dockery, Managing Editor

People, young to old lined the banks of Nolan Creek on Wednesday for Family Fish & Fun.

Matt Bates, Director of Recreation and Events for the City of Belton said, “Today is Family Fish & Fun. It is an annual event that we do. We did one l ready on December 18 and we are doing it again today. It is aimed at really promoting kids and families to come out and fish.”

The city had a thousand Rainbow Trout released into the creek. The event also held a biggest fish competition.

“We do want folks to come out, bring their kids and get them involved in fishing, to really find a love of and enjoyment of what fishing recreationally can do,” Bates said.

“It’s a great day here in Belton along the creek,” Bates said. “It works great.”

The city of Belton recently renovated the Nolan Creek project.

“We developed this project and it finished up this last year in the downtown area. It lends itself really well to lining the banks and fishing and having a good time,” Bates said.

Texas Parks & Wildlife gives the city a fishing license waiver from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. for the Family Fish & Fun events.

“Parents that have a kid that might be interested but don’t have a fishing license can come out and fish without needing any paperwork,” Bates said.

Friday, Dec 18 was the first one and we did it then because it was early release from school,” Bates said. “The event is kid-centric and we try to cater around that. We were able to do this today because we could get the hatchery to deliver the fish during the holidays which is great. The parents are sitting around, not knowing what to do with their kids.”

The public is able to fish on Nolan creek normally as long as they have a fishing license.

“There are fish,” Bates said. “We have bass and catfish; the trout don’t stay long here.

The next Family Fish & Fun event is planned for the Friday that Belton ISD grants early release before winter break.