Frozen yogurt business gets new look, owners

by / 0 Comments / 175 View / July 10, 2015

By Patrick Lacombe, The Belton Journal

For those of us that visit the downtown area of Belton to walk the creek, eat a great meal, and listen to music on a Saturday night, something has been amiss for a few months. That’s right, it’s frozen yogurt and it went away for a while, but now it’s back under new management. Creekside Weigh Station Yogurt Shop opened its doors to the public on May 3 with new owners and a whole new look.

“People who have been here in the past walk in and go ‘Wow, it’s so different,’” said owner Connie Madsen.

The shop formerly went under the name “Weigh Station,” but the Madsen family added Creekside to the name because, well, it’s on the side of beautiful Nolan Creek nestled in the square next to The Gin on Nolan Creek.

On most weekends, tourists and locals alike gather for fun and festivities dancing to the bands and working up a sweat. For those who want something more than liquid refreshment, Creekside Weigh Station Yogurt has plenty of delicious flavors to satisfy even the most hard to please “fro-yo” lovers.

“We’ve had plenty of people comment on our peach yogurt. One man told me that it tasted so much like a peach that he could almost taste the fuzz,” said Madsen.

The shop is a family run business with Madsen and her husband taking the helm and two of their sons and their wives and children pitching in to help.

Madsen says jokingly, “All the others have real jobs and do this on the side. I’m the only one who’s retired.”

Madsen never dreamed that they would be in the yogurt business, and it was just the luck of the draw that got the family started serving the delicious treat.

“We used to go to the yogurt shop, and we would say, ‘This is such a great location.’ So one day me and my husband were in Belton and my son called and said ‘Mom, it’s for lease,’ and he sent us a picture of the ‘for lease’ sign in the window,” Madsen said. “We hurried over and by Friday of the next week, we had signed the lease agreement.”

The entire family pitched in and scrubbed the place down, added new counters and tops, painted the inside and completely revamped the shop. One of Madsen’s favorite places to sit and enjoy yogurt is on the second floor balcony and patio area. The upstairs patio overlooks the square with breathtaking views of Nolan Creek and the Bell County Courthouse.

The Madsens plan to rotate flavors often and have over 90 flavors to offer.

“We plan to keep our customers happy and give them what they want. We will have peppermint flavor for Christmas, Pumpkin for Thanksgiving and watermelon for the Fourth. Cleanliness and customer service is our main priority,” Madsen said.
Looking toward the future, Madsen said, “We’re looking forward and we may bring coffee into the shop this fall. We want to keep people happy in the wintertime also. I can eat yogurt year round, but some people like a warm drink when it’s cold.”

Creekside Weigh Station Yogurt shop is located at 219 S. East Street next to the Gin at Nolan Creek and Coronas De Oro restaurant. Hours are 12-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 12-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 12-8 p.m. Sunday. Visit their Facebook page for more information.